Weird Sexual Thing Guys Have Asked Me to Do

Weird Sexual Thing Guys Have Asked Me to Do

weirdsexGuys have asked me to piss on them, slap them, spit on them, sit on their faces or stick my foot in their mouths.

And I’ve done all that. Shit, a couple of times.

But some stuff is just too freaky or weird, even for old open-minded Manuel.

For instance, this sizzling hot dude from Florida hit me up on Adam4Adam. Just 27 years old, hot body, copper skin and a face so handsome it shone like the sun.

“Why are you hitting me up from so far?”

“I like Daddies,” he said.


“Can I ask you something?”


“Do you snore?”

“Well, yeah, sometimes really loud.”

“Well, I get off on guys snoring. That shit makes me so hot. Tell you what. Tonight or tomorrow night call me when you are about to fall asleep and leave the phone on. I promise I can make you nutt while you sleep and get myself off too.”

“Okayyyy. Are you serious?”

“Oh yes Daddy.”

Snoring is sexy? Who wudda thunk?
Snoring is sexy? Who wudda thunk?

The whole thing sounded crazy. I mean weird. How da fuck was he going to get me off when I was sleeping?

Could somebody ‘splain that to me?

Homie gave me his number but I never called.

A few years ago I was at the Crew Club bathhouse in D.C. This young, hot, little brown-skinned brother hit me up. He looked as clean cut and wholesome as a freshman on the debate team.

Guess what he asked me when I got him in a room alone?

“Would you squat over me and shit on my chest while I jack off and nutt?”

Dead pause. Silence lasted 10 seconds.

“What? Are you serious.”


“You mean we aren’t fucking.”

“Nah, I’m not into that.”

“Dude you are young. How did you develop a freaky-ass kink like that?”

“Well, I used to like to have guys fart on me and it just went from there.”

“Okay I don’t think this is going anywhere,” I said. ” ‘ll leave you be.”

I got out of that room quick.

Q: Okay readers fess up. What’s something crazy someone asked you to do in the bed that you just couldn’t get enough freak up in you to do?


  1. Jmz

    Wow! Immanuel the first guy whose picture was of a hot young light skinned brother, hit me up about a year ago
    On Adam4 Adam asking me to call when I fell asleep, I couldn’t understand that shit either..Lmao


        1. mrterrific292: Yeah, he must be. That has got to be the weirdest thing anybody ever asked me to do. Like I was getting Nightmare on Elm vibes from it. Like, once he going to go through the phone lines and enter my dreams and fuck with me? LOL! Okay, I think you are now the 3rd person on here who has been hit up by Redbone Snore Boy from Florida.

      1. Yea. he made that promise as well.. but I studied sleep and dreams in college, and that’s not how it actually works. unless you’re sleep deprived, you don’t go into REM sleep (the dreaming sleep) until much later at night.. the first few stages of sleep that you enter when you go to bed are dreamless, so no amount of talking is going to get you to ejaculate.. and even if you did.. you wouldn’t remember it..

        I tried to explain that to him, because he messaged me about 3 or 4 different times in two years… but he wasn’t really interested in me proving him wrong.

    1. Jmz

      I also met a handsome brotha about a year ago, who was into feet. I was like wow didn’t think there was others who liked looking at A Brothas feet, his socks and Tims or Nike Air Force Ones!
      We still get our Freak on, and it’s hot!!

  2. W. T. F.? Eeeeew. I, too, have been propositioned to defecate and urinate on a guy. Toooootally killed the vibe. He even told me that he likes to go to 24hr gyms at night when nobody is there, and licks the floor in the shower area of the men’s locker room, and jacks off.

    Another guy told me he goes to thrift shops and collects old leather items so he can jack off with them. He Also collects loads in used condoms for lube.

    It’s some freaky Muhfuckas out there, yo. I am NOT about that life.

    Ironically, body fluids gross me tf out. Real talk, idk what the hubbub is about cum play fetishes. Semen smells like…bleach to me or something. :/ let ALONE watersports. Nope.


    1. Hey Cogito! Licking a locker room shower floor? Dude would never kiss me we ith that mouth. Saving Nutt for lube is odd although i know m r n who like to jack off with other people’s nutt. The leather thing? That’s kinda mild. At any rate I guess we shouldn’t judge. What they like they like. But that doesn’t mean I have to play along.

  3. Gimme

    I too have been hit up by the dude from FL wanting me to snore while asleep on the phone. And the sad part is. I’m States away from Florida. He contacted me out of the blue.

    The weirdest things I was asked to do… A guy wanted me to put on boots and step on his balls. I didn’t do it because I’m squeamish. If I stepped on his balls, I’d be able to feel it in mine a little bit. Another guy wanted to take a dump on my chest. After I said no, he kept telling me I was a punk and a pussy. One thing that’s common around these parts are men who like to dress in women’s clothing. Some are strictly top and some are strictly bottom. I don’t think they’re trans either. I also get a lot of men asking to trade naked pics of mothers, wives, or sisters. Or guys that want to trade mother’s, wives, and sister’s clothing like panties and bras.

    1. That snoring guy is getting around. He got you too Gimme? Stomping some balls? That could seriously injured someone. I don’t do doo-doo. The women dressing and sharing photos thing. You are right. That appears common but I wonder psychologically what drives that.

      1. Actually no…but the way I started the comment I couldn’t help but finish it like I did.
        Actually the comment was going… I thought this post was hilarious…at first. Until I read the comment section, and really got sad. I mean what is wrong with me, that no one wants to have fetishes sex with me. I mean no one has asked me to cart on them, or kick them in the balls…I can do that, in fact I think I would like that. No ask me to snore me orgasm..or is it snare them to orgasm…either way I not snore in a sexual way. I mean I’m not sure if I can, because my adenoids removed, but I guess they could have regrown. I mean I’m on gay social sites, why hasn’t he hit me up.
        Not to mention I get pedicures, why doesn’t any guy ask to suck my feet. I like things sucked, I think I would like that. Here I am walking around with dry piggies, when nigga got all sorts of feet fetishes . He can have a field day with my Jordans and Timbs, while I read or watch tv.

        I mean the closes I got is talking to this guy on A4A, who liked to be defecated on. However I seemed to annoy and irritate him, with my questions. I wasn’t rude about it. I think he was just a little bitch…how you have a name like Shitonme, and not be prepared to answer questions on how this fetish started. Come on dude.

        I feel like I could be open to….thangs. Maybe I don’t come off as fetishes friendly….I feel left out.

        1. OMG I’m reading this an howling and laughter in my office. Boy you are crazy LOL!. Why don’t you put in your profile the fetishes you like to do. That should generate interest! Shitonme on Adam fits the description of the guy I met in the bathhouse! He’s in Richmond so he is relatively close. Maybe it was him…

  4. Tinsel

    Hey Immanuel! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
    Interesting topic! Last year, I met a very sexy black dude online! We decided to hookup but he was demanding that I PROMISE TO FART TREMENDOUSLY during our sexual encounter! I promised. I was too horny not to promise, though I was so weird out! It was the first time I heard about the fart fetish!
    I had to drive for almost an hour to his place. So I stopped by the store, bought 1 gallon of milk and drank it all as I drove!! This was my guarantee that I was going to blast his place with Fart!
    Well I got there. We had great chemistry. Kissing, grabbing, fingering, sucking and making out heatedly! THEN HE SAID “FART FOR ME SEXY”!! I pushed and pushed my internals but NO FART! He kept asking for the fart but I was unable to fart. I noticed he was getting upset. So I apologized. I like to keep my promise but this got fucked up! Well, we just jacked off and called it a day without any interest of seeing each other again.
    However, as I walked into his bathroom to clean off cum and wash my hands, I farted so badly that I quickly walked back into his bedroom where he was sitting. Told him that I got fart now, and I immediately blew these torrents of fart towards him. This motherfucker started to scream wtf! I said “dude you asked for fart”. He was fuckn disgusted saying that’s once he has busted a nut, the fart becomes disgusting to him!! Only when he is horny and feeling sexual does fart appear to be mighty aphrodisiac!!
    Oh boy…I kept farting crazily as I drove all the way home in my car! I had scroll down windows for fresh air! Yes fresh air at last!! NEVER AGAIN!!

    1. Tinsel that is hilarious! I gotta give you an A for effort. You tried but your body just wasn’t cooperating. Maybe if you had just arrived 30 minutes later lol. Personally dude was too much trouble. I’m sure he found somebody.

    2. Slim

      I have a fart fetish, but only during sex. I am turned on when fucking and i pull my dick out and the guy tarts and i stick my dick back in and his hole is warm and i talk dirty at this point

  5. Fortune Knowles

    Hahahahahahaha…. Tinsel ma nigguh, you crazy man. I am dying of laughter as I read your post. It is too damn hilarious especially the farting part. Who in Heavens name, would have thought fart is sexually appealing??
    Immanuel my darling, Happy New Year! Thank you for continuing to write and I pray that this year will bring you much joy in your family situation and that your bond with your beloved son grows even closer and tighter. I that God for you and please pass my best wishes to your sweetheart Van.
    Your Kenyan brother,

  6. worst_1_yet

    Fuck his dirty hole, eat his dirty hole, let him eat my dirty hole. Fuck no. Motherfucker was hot though. Fucked him, pissed in his mouth and watched him swallow all the cum I could give him. Damn, Getting hard just thinking about his young ass.

  7. marcus

    Hello Manuel. Happy New Year bruh. … I was working as a truck driver for hostess cupcakes and a fellow driver and I became really good friends. He asked me to do him a favor. He was a white dude. He told me that he had asked his white wife what she wanted for her bday and she jokingly told him she wanted some black dick. He told her about me and she asked if he was serious……To make a long story short I fucked his wife for a solid hour in all kinds of position. I’m kinda ashamed to tell you the freaky part being an educated man and I should have known better but I fucked her raw. As soon as I nutted in her pussy, he hungrily ate my cum out of her hot pussy. That was hot as hell. He looked up and I could see my nutt all in his mustache. She loved her bday present!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yes Shitonme and your bathhouse guy is the same person…he wasn’t all that open with me, maybe sharing while naked and wearing a towel, or whatever it is you do at a bathhouses is different than sharing online. However I have a history of piswing men off online.

    Anyway last night I was on pornhub…um doing…research and came across some video I think is apart of some web series, about a gay guy. It was called hunting season. My first video last night was about fetishes. I have the link if you want, I watched a serveral episodes of the series after that, last night.

  9. SpeakingTheTruth

    Ctfu I’m not shitting on nobody. I don’t want to smell or see my shit unless I’m using the bathroom. Or unless u paying me. But what if somebody took a watery shit on him. I wonder if he get off on that.

    I met a guy when I was younger who use to like me to fart on his dick. I did it once and it just made my dick soft. I don’t want to smell no type of waste while I’m having sex. Lol I did pee on somebody before. That was ok but it made me look at him different afterwards.

    My weird fetish is sweaty pubic hair. The pubic hair that’s on top of the dick. Not the sweaty that you get from not washing ya dick in a couple days that is gross. But the smell you get after a gym work out or working in the sun all day. I call it sun kissed dick and I love it. Under the balls and that ass need to be clean though. So my request for people that I regularly have sex with is to take hot showers with no soap. Hot water cleans the bacteria and soap deodorizes the skin. Hot water will clean all the nasty stuff off your body but once you start to sweat you will have that natural scent that I love on some men. Some men natural scent smell like my sister Dad natural scent and it makes me sick to my stomach.

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