We Broke the Bed Y’all

We Broke the Bed Y’all

Morgan and I tag-teamed this hot, bubble butt bottom this morning.

Dude could take some dick. We shagged for about three hours.

Unfortunately we went too hard — busted the footboard.

But hey, it was worth it. The bed wasn’t the only thing that busted. I shot two nutts.

Here’s a shot I took of Morgan digging him out.

Morgan and I will be shopping for a new bed, thanks to this hot bottom.


    1. Cogito we love good sex but posting to Xtube? Showing off like that to the public? I’m too modest for that…heck who am I kidding? Give me some time to convince Morgan. LOL

      P.S. I thought that photo I took was hot. That bottom is already calling and texting to come back. I gotta eat my Wheaties though. He wire us the fuck out.

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