Video: Making It Rain

Video: Making It Rain

xtube2One of my favorite positions with my boyfriend “Van” is when he rides me.

We had a nice sex session this morning, starting off we me eating him out, and missionary style, with some nipple licking and kissing to spice things up.

Then when he climbed on top and came, he really came. This is the video, see for yourself.

And this is how I looked afterward. What a mess! But what a way to start a Saturday morning.

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  1. Fortune Knowles

    oh my lawd, what??? Wow!!! He must have been saving that nutt since Thanksgiving…LMAO…but indeed what an AWESOME start to your Saturday…you lucky bastard…you have all the fun!!

  2. Fortune Knowles

    Really??? I thought all that talk about sweet nutt was just bullshit, does it really affect the aroma and taste of one’s nutt?? Wow,If that’s the case,then I should resuming eating my mangoes and pineapples!!

  3. marcus

    Hello Immanuel. I read a comment where someone Jokingly called you a lucky bastard saying you get all the fun. I think Van is the lucky one. That was some serious dick lodged deep in his hairy ass to make him cum like that. He can roll over and get all that meat anytime he wants it so he is the lucky man. You definitely hit that spot deep up in there bruh. Lol.

  4. Calvin

    #HOT This was good! Looked like a session I had just before Christmas ’14. I am thankful that you got that nut out of “Van” WITH your dick inside dat ass. Mine could not WAIT to get off ma jock so we could jerk off together LOL :o)

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