Thugzilla and I have something in common

Thugzilla and I have something in common

I wonder what happened to this bottom dude I did three years ago.

Couldn’t sleep tonight and was surfing Xtube when I came across this clip of Thugzilla banging this bottom.

Wow, Thugzilla and I have something in common.

I fucked this bottom a few years ago in the basement of a townhouse in Laurel. Later I found he did some porn. I blogged about it (click here to read).

You know you fucked a lot of ass when dudes you did start popping up in porn videos.

Back in 2009 when I wrote it I said I wasn’t going to share the video but hey it’s a few years later, it’s a public video, and I’m in a different place. Sadly, I don’t even remember his name.

Q: Does anyone know whatever happened to the bottom?


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