The Wet One

The Wet One

Michael, the Wet One

I woke up this morning after tossing and turning most of the night.

Horny? Bored? Insomnia? Who knows? Maybe a mixture of all three.

This 33-year-old dude had hit me up earlier in the night. But I forgot about him and managed to doze off.

At 7:30 a.m. I awoke, happened to go online and there he was. “Can I come over?”

“Why not? Yeah, sure.”

“Michael” arrived and was far more handsome than his Adam4Adam photos. Five feet eleven. A little meat on his bones but not too much. Masculine with a quiet, deep voice. Shadow beard and goatee. Taper Cut. Dark Chocolate skin.

We chit chatted awhile and got down to business. First nipple play, than I ate his ass and he sucked my dick. And we fucked. And fucked. And took a break. And two hours later were still fucking.

“Take that ass,” Michael moaned, his eyes rolling back in his head. “Get up in those guts.”

Every time I mounted him his ass got wetter. So wet there was no need for lube. There were wet spots all over my sheet. His ass was so wet his juice ran down the crack of his ass, wetting the hairs there.

“When I first walked in the door I couldn’t take my eyes off you,” he said. “When I get really turned on I get wet like that.”

I watch porn of women who ejaculate and squirt — that shit turns me on. But I never met a guy who got so wet.

It was hot. So I took some photos to remember him in case we never meet again.

Q: Readers, have you ever been with guys who get wet?

Michael's wet hole.
Michael’s wet hole.
Ass juice and nutt was all over my sheets.
Ass juice and nutt was all over my sheets.


  1. Rich

    Let’s face something….your high sex drive causes you to hook up and not necessarily form relationships….at least those revisiting. If that’s all you want that is all it will be.

  2. MADAngel

    I’ve been told several times that my ass gets very wet (someone even commented it feels like pussy) still not sure how I felt about that, but I never really gave it much thought and figured it was using an enema. Maybe ol boy has a point.

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