The Thirst

The Thirst

It’s good to have a healthy appetite for sex. Studies have proven sex lowers blood pressure, lessens the risk of heart attack, and may prevent men from getting prostate cancer.

But there are some people so thirsty for sex it can turn you off. I met one a couple of weeks ago and I’m still running away from him.

“Gary” lives just over the Maryland line in Delaware, saw my Adam4Adam profile, and hit me up. From his photos he looked fairly attractive so we ended up talking on the phone. That’s where it all went South…fast.

“I went away to prison for a couple of years and had a boyfriend in prison — that’s where I really learned to take dick” he said. “I work two jobs and I’m so lonely. I really need some dick. Why don’t you catch the commuter train to Perryville and I can come pick you up. Or you can drive up here on my days off — it’s just an hour.”

I told him I would consider it but I should have just point blank said I wasn’t interested. Because his conversation raised red flags.

Like you are in Delaware near southern New Jersey, Philadelphia and Wilmington and you got to beg a negro to take a train trip up from Baltimore to give you some dick? You say you are lonely — why can’t you make friends?

And did he have to tell me he went to prison in our first conversation? That was really TMI.

And I have a rule. Dudes who have to beg for sex usually have to do so for a reason. And that reason could have nothing to do with how they look or how good the sex is. Some dudes are just crazy and you can usually figure that out through casual conversation.

Gary was definitely cray-cray.

So I pretty much ignored him, only politely texting a good morning if he said good morning first. That was a mistake on my part — I should have gone to and blocked his calls and texts. Gary just couldn’t take the hint that I wasn’t interested.

“I know you don’t want to do this but you could come to my house early in the morning and bring your clothes fuck me and leave from my house lol just an idea.”

A few days later he hit me up. I told him I was busy dealing with some stressful family matters and just wanted to chill. He didn’t get the hint. All he was thinking about was getting dick in his ass.

“Maybe if you feel like it afterward I could give you a freak nice massage nice glass of wine and you can take care of this ass that would love to say hi to you and to comfort you in your long day lol,” he texted.

Today Gary drove down to Baltimore and hit me up. I explained the guy I date “Van” is here with me and we were running errands and I planned to do my taxes and get some yard work done.

He knows Van and I have an open relationship but you think he would respect that we were spending time together or at the very least ask whether it was okay with Van if he could drop by. Nah, the thirst was driving him crazy.

“I’m going to be around until one. So what are you doing for the rest of the day. All work no play makes a dull boy want to play later maybe I could come over and lick your sweaty nuts lol.”

I told Van about Gary. “Damn, I told him you were hanging with me. Can’t he get the hint.”

Van didn’t miss a beat. “Thirsty bottoms don’t care,” he said.

To entice me Gary starting sending provocative photos. Here are some of them. And read my  previous entry Thirsty Bottoms or Hungry Bottoms? for more on this subject:







  1. …I’ma need this nigga to NEVER take ass shots like this agian. The middle pic is redeemable, but damn son… Unless he has a dildo or something, his hole doesn’t look neglected at all…

    In his defense though, you ARE, in fact, sexier than a bacon sandwich. I, too, wouldn’t pass up the chance to exchange fuck faces w/yo fine ass.

    But he’s just doing too much.
    Tell him to go audition for a Sprite commercial and obey the thirst.


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