The Negative Minority

The Negative Minority

Photo courtesy of the Guardian
Photo courtesy of the Guardian

I’m in a minority group.

Yeah, I know I’m an African American. I’m not talking about that. What I’m talking about is being in the HIV negative minority.

It seems like everybody I meet is HIV positive. And even those who say they are HIV negative still want to fuck raw.

“Oooh, your dick feels good Daddy. Why don’t you slip off that condom and let me feel that skin to skin?”

“Nah, I think I will pass on that.”

I know people who are HIV positive — shit I have dated several. They stay healthy and generally have a positive outlook on life because the virus is no longer a death sentence.

And I’m glad the stigma against people living with HIV has faded, although it has not gone away altogether.

Still, I don’t want to take six pills a day and suffer the side effects of HIV and anti-viral drugs: Lower libido, loss of weight and muscle tone, liver damage, diarrhea, and fat deposits that can build up around the middle, neck and shoulders.

And I don’t understand all these people who fuck raw and don’t care whether they have the virus or not. Shit there are sex parties now specifically for raw sex.

Many of the folks doing this are young and appear healthy…why do that to themselves? I also worry with all this mixing of viral strains are they creating a new HIV virus that will be resistant to the powerful arsenal of drugs we have created.

These young folks don’t remember how awful it was to see friends and family members die from AIDS.

Plus HIV isn’t the only thing out there. Remember syphilis and his kid sister gonorrhea?

But I have to admit sometimes I envy HIV positive dudes. They fuck raw and don’t worry about the consequences, just like we were still living in the 60s and 70s before the AIDS epidemic hit.

Like they don’t have a care in the world.

For more information here is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Fact Sheets on AIDS and HIV, the virus that causes the disease.




  1. I will never understand why people have unprotected sex with random strangers and are able to sleep at night.

    Even if you are positive, it’s extremely risky to have sex raw. One because you can possibly infect some, who is negative and that’s attempted murder. Second, you can contract HIV all over again by mixing strains.

    There is even a community of people, who don’t mind barebacking and/or contracting HIV.

    That’s scary to me.

    1. The risk of contracting HIV are miniscule if you practice safe sex. Its even lower if your partner is on a med regimen AND you practice safe sex. You really shouldnt have raw sex with anyone poz or neg. Meanwhile there are wonderful people living with HIV. Dont let a manageable disease keep you from meeting a good person.

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