The Curse of the Big Dick

The Curse of the Big Dick

“Eli” has a big dick. A mean a fat, uncut python that swings between his slender legs like a pendulum of flesh.

For weeks he hit me up. But I wasn’t feeling it. First of all he is 25 years old. I have kids a little younger than he. And then there is that other little thing — his profile says he is a top.

But he was insistent. So insistent that he showed up one Saturday evening while my partner “Van” and I were about to watch Inyanla: Fix My Life on OWN. You know, that episode about that trifling dude with 34 kids by 17 women.

“Hey Eli, why did you show up,” I asked. “I gave you the address but I didn’t expect you to just come over.”

“I was in the area and was just dropping by.”

So we talked to him awhile. He is in college and aspiring to be a lawyer, but working retail at the mall to make ends meet. Still at home with his family in Ellicott City, a sleepy suburban hamlet to the west of Baltimore.

Eli's dick. Told you it was big.
Eli’s dick. Told you it was big.

I thought he wanted to tag team Van with me but surprise, surprise. Van and I ended up fucking him for almost two hours in every position you could name. Doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, spooning. It was like he couldn’t get enough of our dicks.

“Oooh, y’all are going to really get me liking dick,” he moaned.

Van is versatile and prefers fucking guys smaller and younger than he is. So I knew Eli, who is slender and has pecan brown skin and eyelashes so long they curl, was his type.

After everyone blew that nutt we sat around relaxing. I think we even fed him. And Eli explained why he was so dick hungry.

“I have a big dick so when I have sex with guys they automatically want to get fucked,” he said. “But sometimes I want to get done. So that’s why I let you fuck me like that.”

I could sympathize. When you swing a big dick everybody just wants to ride it. Heck, sometimes tops want to do something different, too.


  1. Robbie

    Lol. My friends say I have a big dick but they were LARGE TOPS for years I never thought my dick was big, still don’t . I have been meeting smaller dicked men for the past few years and they say my dick is big too. I am 8.5″ average black man who is tall and slim.

  2. Here is where I’m confused, I see this a lot online “tops” who then have things like “no total bottoms” on their profile. Then you are not a top, you are versatile or a verse top. If you are going to label yourself, stop perpetrating. Now here over talking about you going to have him liking dick…that nigga was liking dick before he came over there. That’s why he just shows up at your house, he wanted dick from jump. Why identify as top then?

    1. The Blog Artist: I have seen the same thing on a few profiles. Always gets me scratching their heads. And I agree with you. Eli liked dick before he came over. Matter of fact he has been hitting up Van and me regularly. I’m not lying. I just got a text message from him less than 30 minutes ago. He wants to keep visiting until he “really” likes it. Why identify as a top? There is still a lot of shame with identifying as a bottom, as if you are less than a man which is far from true. I see men more than 50 years old who still play this silly game.

  3. Terry

    I call bull shit. You said his profile says top. He needs to to be clear that he is verse and wants to get fucked. Oddly I have a friend who has a big dick and a fat ass but never gets to fuck the moment a guy sees his ass. If i were into having sex with my friends he could definitely fuck me with that long dick.

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