Sex, Puerto Rican Style

Sex, Puerto Rican Style

Okay, we were in Puerto Rico surrounded by hot men. And it was vacation, so why not hang loose a bit? So I went online our second night there and in a few hours had set up a threesome.

“Hey Morgan, wake up, we have company coming,” I said.

“Huh, what?,” he said, rubbing his eyes. It was around midnight and he had dozed off. The breezes coming in off the Condado Lagoon were so nice I had turned off the air and propped open the balcony door to let the balmy air flow in.

“Look, I set up a threesome. He is on the way over. So let’s just relax and have fun.”

Morgan looked at me a moment. He usually acts very cool and sober but I could tell he wanted to get freaky, too.

“Okay, let me wash up.”

“Jose” arrived about 30 minutes later and knocked at our hotel door. He was a dark Afro-Cuban, about 30 years old, with fine features and kinky hair. Like many men in Puerto Rico, he was shorter than six feet.

We chatted awhile in the dim room.

“Okay, why don’t you get comfortable,” I said.

Jose dived on Morgan’s long, uncut dick. Then he moved over to me, slobbing my dick down as Morgan and I lay on the bed side by side. Every once in awhile Morgan would reach over and play with my erect nipples, flicking them lightly with his long fingers.Eventually Morgan moved behind Jose, feeling his asshole.

“You want to go first?,” he asked me.

“No, enjoy yourself,” I said.

So Morgan slipped on a condom, lubed up his shaft and Jose’s ass and started fucking him from behind, doggy style.

Jose moaned softly and lowered his head into the mattress as if in pain. I could relate — Morgan’s dick is not small.

Morgan fucked him awhile and then it was my turn. But my dick is about an inch longer and Jose couldn’t take it for more than a few minutes. Which really sucked because we were just getting started.

“Oooh, you two are too big,” he said. “Can I just suck you off?”

And then he lay between us on the bed and went back and forth sucking us. But after awhile he started focusing more on Morgan’s uncut dick, lapping and licking and sucking on it like he didn’t want to stop.

But Morgan glanced over at me and I could tell he was bored and wanted Jose to go home.

“Hey Jose, I’m sorry man but it’s getting late,” I said, breaking Jose out of his dick-sucking reverie.

“Oh, yeah, sure. Thanks for having me by.”

After he left Morgan and I talked about the experience.

“He was a little heavier than I expected and he was sweating,” Morgan said.

“Yeah, he didn’t put a body shot in the email but his face was handsome,” I said. “The guys down here eat a lot of beans and rice and you can tell by their bellies. But I thought he was your type. You said you like darker Puerto Ricans.”

“Yeah, he was handsome,” Morgan said.

“But he sure couldn’t take dick,” I said.

“Yeah, he certainly couldn’t.”

So we  kissed each other goodnight, turned over and went to sleep.

It was hot to watch my dude getting pleasured by another man but the experience was just so-so. So what is that old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again?”

On our last morning in Puerto Rico I set up a session with “Manuel,” a slender, 20-something college student. He took a bus across town and arrived at the hotel all sweaty.

“Come up and take a shower,” I said.

I have to admit, Manuel was far hotter than Orlando a few nights before. His nipples were pierced and his curly hair was cut close on the top and sides with a ridge of long hair running down the back of is scalp.

After he got out of the shower Morgan and I were laying in bed ready. We talked for awhile and then got at it.

Manuel’s photo.

He might have been in his 20s but the Manuel was an expert dick sucker. He used his mouth and hands to get us hard. Then the fucking started. And we soon discovered this little kid with the innocent face could take dick too.

Morgan fucked him doggy style. Then I fucked him doggy style. Then Manuel straddled Morgan while he lay on his back and rode Morgan’s long dick, up and down and up and down like a pogo stick.

Then Manuel moved on top of me and rode me. Morgan stood up and put his dick in Manuel’s mouth while he grinded down on my dick. Looking up and seeing your dude’s dick getting sucked while the bottom’s ass is clamped around your dick is an experience I think everybody should try once.

Morgan came while fucking Manuel missionary style, Manuel’s knees bent up to his ears. Then while Morgan cleaned up in the bathroom I jumped on Manuel and started pumping away. Morgan must have come back in the room because I felt him caressing my ass as I tore into Manuel.

But time was growing short. We had to check out of the hotel and get to the airport in few hours.

So I pulled off the condom and jerked off as Morgan kissed me and played with my nipples. My nutt squirted in the air while Manuel looked on appreciatively.

Another shot of Manuel.

Since we had to run I gave Manuel $20 to go grab a bite to eat and ride the bus back to the college campus. I gave him the money while we were walking to the elevator.

“Hey, the hotel staff could be looking on the security camera,” he said. “They might think I’m an escort.”

“Manuel, that sex you just gave us was worth a lot more than $20,” I said.

Manuel travels to the states sometimes and said he wants Morgan and I to show him around D.C. if he comes up. I told him he is always welcome to come up. He gave me these pictures of himself to post (he didn’t want to show his face but believe me he is handsome).


  1. robert

    manuel sounds hot but puerto rico itself sounds like it is economically depressed and still hamstrung about its beliefs about homosexuality because of the
    Catholic Church.. I guess you could buy a house there but the Dominican Republic might have hotter guys

  2. @Robert: Morgan and other friends have been to the Dominican Republic. The guys are supposed to be hotter but it’s a poorer, grittier place. Some buddies I know got into a little trouble there — you have to be careful to stay safe.

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  5. Gom

    I thought your articles would be different and I was like cool! But sad to say they turned out to be typical. Another superficial gay couple who aren’t monogamous. Well I shouldn’t say you’re not monogamous—you practice “gay monogamy” …you have 3somes or go to sex parties “together”. I guess a committed monogamous relationship between two gay men is a myth like a Unicorn.

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