Sanchez’s Ass

Sanchez’s Ass

Remember Sanchez, my jerk off partner?

I couldn’t stop thinking about how phat his ass is.

So I texted him today.

“Sanchez Could you do me a favor? Could you send me a pic of your ass. It’s incredible.”

Sanchez didn’t hesitate or say anything. He sent it right away.

Sanchez's booty
Sanchez’s booty


I had to thank him. So I texted back:

“Dude your body is beautiful. ‘You can do side bends and sit-ups but please don’t lose that butt'” …Sir Mix A lot…Baby Got Back…1992

“I don’t think I can if I tried,” he texted back.




  1. Derek Perry

    Immanuel, just want to let you know that I am a new fan of your blog! Discovered it while surfing one day, and I have since went to your archives and read them all! Thanks for telling OUR story, and trust me, next encounter you have w/ Sanchez, you will get that booty!!!

  2. worst_1_yet

    Is that his own hand grabbing his torso? Somehow looks like there is someone else up against him, taller and thinner. How is that for some bullshit CSI? You fuck Sanchez, and it sounds like you might have to marry him.

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