Prison Love

Prison Love


This middle aged gay black man I know in Baltimore has been a drug counselor for almost two decades. But when he was younger he sold and used drugs and ended up in prison. This is the story he told me about his “prison husband.”

“Martin” was standing outside his cell on the second tier, looking down at the new arrivals at prison. And that’s when he saw “Abdul,” a tall, dark, handsome man who was filing in with the new arrivals.

“We locked eyes and stared at each other and I thought to myself, ‘I’m going to have him,'” said Eric, who was serving time in Maryland State prison for multiple marijuana sale offenses.  “We just had chemistry.”

Before too long Abdul,  who was also in jail for drug sales, would briefly chat with Martin each time he walked by Martin’s cell. This happened several times a day.

One day Abdul asked for help.

“My peeps ain’t sending me no money and I don’t have any funds to buy soap and deodorant and other stuff from the commissary.”

“Don’t worry man. I will get you $20 worth of stuff to get you started. Just pay me back when your folks finally come through,” Martin answered.

Martin had been with women and even had a daughter. But by his late 20’s when he went to prison he had figured out he loved long black dicks and getting fucked way more than pussy.

Martin was a handsome, cocky brown-skinned brother who was built like a brick shit house because he regularly worked out. He had a high, light voice but was masculine so no one in prison suspected he was gay and loved to bottom.

One day he and Abdul showered at the same time.  Abdul eyed Martin’s plump bubble ass and broad chest and leaned closer and said, “You know I’m really attracted to you.”

Martin was a little surprised but so pleased his ass tingled and his long, thin penis grew hard.

Abdul claimed he was straight. Plus he was Muslim and knelt on a carpet and prayed  toward Mecca with the other brothers. He just didn’t seem like the type to stray down the rainbow path.

They got a chance to hook up during Ramadan. Abdul snuck away from the Muslim inmates who were segregated during fasting and made his way to Martin’s cell. Nobody was around..

“Hey Martin I’m so horny for you baby. Please suck my dick.”

Martin looked around to make sure no one was around and knelt at the entrance of his cell and pulled Abdul’s dick put of his prison-issued jeans. It was unusually long and thick and black.

Martin sucked Abdul’s dick with his wet mouth and massaged it with his hands. It was against prison rules for Abdul to be in Martin’s cell so he pretended to lean against the bars and talking to Martin.

Abdul quickly busted a thick load into Martin’s mouth. Martin got up off his knees and went to the toilet, spat the nutt in the bowl and flushed.

Later Abdul and Martin got merits for good behavior and were able to choose cellmates. Of course they picked each other. For the first time they were able to go all the way.

“Abdul cried the first time I gave him some ass he was so grateful,” Martin said.

They did everything together including running a small drug ring in prison. Since Martin worked the commissary he had more freedom to move about and pick up heroin and coke the guards smuggled in.

But Abdul would get high off the drugs instead of selling them and one time Martin had to have his mother send him $200 to pay back an inside supplier who threatened to shank them.

Their prison relationship lasted four years when Martin was released. Martin has been drug free and out of prison for 20 years but Abdul is still serving time.

They continue to correspond and Martin sends Abdul $20 here and there.

Abdul will be released soon and has asked whether he can stay with Martin till he gets on his feet.

But Martin says he is hesitant to reopen that chapter in his life by rekindling the relationship.

We will see if he gets weak for that big prison dick and relents.


  1. Damonjay

    Years ago, I was in “lust” with a guy that I corresponded with in prison. I would vist him and once he showed me the ‘goods’ I was hooked. He could write some letters about what he was going to do to me when he got out. I would put money on his books. He got out several years ago and never got in touch with me.
    I was hurt at first……..I wanted that big dick. But i look back and I say…..THANK YOU JESUS!!

  2. Emmanuel, you sure this isn’t one of your drafts for Nifty Erotic Stories. It sounds just like some of them, especially the crying after sex part …however I know some of the best fiction comes from real life experiences.
    I have said this once and will continue to say it. Prison is the sexiest place you never want to be. I go to visit someone once a month in prison, and I have heard a few stories myself. I see the men and think to myself, the things I would do.
    I see how a prison marriage can happen…you need a support or friends in there, who sorta have your back. Plus you need a support system when you get out, to help you get back on your feet, so you don’t make the same mistake to get locked backed up. With that being said I think it is a bad idea to let this man move in with him. There is something wrong and fishy about this guy still being locked up 20 years later. As a drug couselor, he should have knowledge and resources; that should be able to help Abdul, without letting him move in. Sometimes self preservation is needed, not to be dragged down.
    Lastly, who was Eric? I was confused by that. I had to re-read that a few times. Is Eric, Martin?

    1. Blog Artist how have you been? Sorry about the mistake, I’ve been ripping and running lately. Eric is Martin. I think I went back in and fixed that. I can sympathize with your comments about prison. I had to visit prisons on a previous job I had. It shocked me the number of good looking, black men in their prime sitting in prison losing time for 5, 7, 9 or 15 years. The main culprit –the three strikes and you are out law. Don’t even get me going about unfair sentencing regarding powder cocaine and crack. Or the fact several states have legalized marijuana but no one is doing anything to pardon the hundreds of thousands of black men languishing in prison for selling small amounts of a drug that is becoming as common as Big Macs and Skittles.

      Okay as far as that crying part — I heard that straight from Martin’s mouth. I could make this shit I hear up. Of course you know many bottoms think they have the best ass on the planet and their are tops who think their dicks are made of gold(LOL). So he could have been exaggerating or downright lying. I can only take him at face value and relate to readers what I hear.

      Abdul I think was in prison longer because he had done more offenses and his behavior was not stellar when he was in the pen. Notice Martin said he had a drug hustle going on in prison and Abdul’s drug habit almost got them both seriously cut up or killed. Martin told me he bounced in and out of prison for several years before getting serious and checking into the VA to get drug treatment. You have to WANT to stop doing drugs to get better and go straight.

      Will Martin take Abdul in? I think there is a real possibility. Martin seems to be a nice guy but he is also on the passive side. Couple that with loneliness and horniness and I wouldn’t be surprised if Abdul landed at his pad for a spell.



  3. gimmewhatugot

    I was actually amazed to learn that this happens in female prisons as well. Apparently they become some other woman’s girlfriend/wife while they’re in. Strange that being in prison can turn so many men & women out. Makes me wonder how many so called straight people are actually straight. So much for lgbt only being 1% of the population. I must admit. I fantasize about men in prison. I once saw a pic of a muscular Suge Knight looking man who is doing time. I had his pic saved for the longest. I wouldn’t mind giving them some money or writing letters but I know better. Some of em are dangerous.

  4. worst_1_yet

    Best to leave Abdul as a hot memory in my opinion. Visited my old guy in jail 15 years ago or so. He kept telling me to wear sweat pants for the visit. Huh? I don’t swear pants. Some dumpy, little county jail in the middle of Kansas. We had a only the smallest amount of privacy but that man did his thing, had me sliding my dick through a slot like a bank teller uses to hand customers their money. Me contorting to feed him some meat through the slot, him trying to pull me through that glass using his mouth. Was pretty fucking hot. Have no idea what anybody heard, but his mother and brother were waiting for me outside the “visiting room” along with a deputy. When we were done and I walked out of what was basically a closet, the look on their faces told me they knew something happened in that room. So, yeah . . . sexxxy as hell, but I knew I didn’t want to be their for him when his time was up. Packed it up and moved to NYC. We’re still tight but I’m not gonna mother a man that can’t get his shit together no matter how hot that ass is.

    1. Thank God you have sense worst-1-yet not to go back to that. That jail house scene didn’t sound sexy to me. Don’t think I would go through that. Personally I think dude would take Abdul back. He is one of those lonely dick hungry bottom types. Plus Martin is in recovery. Abdul could his next drug habit.

  5. marcus

    Hello Immanuel. Interesting jail house story..I’m stuck on something you said in one of your responses about all guys having some bisexuality in them. I truely believe that. I noticed a lot nice looking guys only hang with nice looking guys. As you know I live a straight lifestyle and I catch quote unquote straight guys checking me out all the time. Guys nowadays have no problem asking other guys for their cell numbers. Some of the text I get from straight guys leave me wondering sometimes. Lol. Take care bruh.

  6. Speaking of jail, you know there is a website where inmates can search for pen pals and vice versa lol. Jail birds need love too. Also have you heard of a thing called “situational sexuality”? Sexuality is really a complex thing. I know that as a gay male who has never messed around with females, I sometimes find myself getting turned on from those porn vids of girls playing with themselves and dont even get me started on straight ameture vids lol.

    Back to your friend. I dont like the whole moving in thing however, he could still help him out by helping him look for places to stay and maybe in getting a job. Just completely turning his back on him is a little dirty in my opinion. Becoming no more than ole “drinking buddies” should be all that happens, NO playing around whatsoever.

    P.s. Hey Immanuel do you have any good fraternity stories to share?

  7. Calvin

    NO. Help him from a distance, with caution, YES. But NO to all other options, propositions and suggestions. Tell him to flee before they BOTH end up back on the inside.

    I drop this into the same bucket I put men pining after so-called straight men they can/may never have- THERE ARE TOO MANY FISH IN THIS BIG GAY SEA. Desperation turns me off.

    There is such a concept as ‘situational sexuality’, which embodies most of the aforementioned opinions and theories made in this comment section.

    I know if I were ever locked up as a str8 man for some umpteen years, I would learn to take and suck dick well. Give it too when the need arises. The same would apply if I were a straight woman. We all need love and affection, which doesn’t just turn off when we are locked away.

    Tuna, any1? -smug smile-

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