Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

Politics Makes Strange Bedfellows

Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in 2007 for soliciting sex in a public bathroom. He said he would resign but later decided to finish out his term. He did not run for reelection in 2008.

A few years ago I answered an ad on Craigslist from this professional, black bottom who was used to running things but wanted to give up control to a dominant top with a big dick.

“Use my ass like pussy,” the advertisement read. “Make me get on my knees and serve that dick and become your little bitch.”

He showed a picture of his chest and torso. He was a little toward the heavy side but still appealing.

“Ummm,” I thought. This might be interesting.

So I answered the advertisement and was pleasantly surprised that he answered me promptly via email and agreed to meet up the next day at lunchtime for a meet-and-greet.

We met in front of his office building. As I got closer he looked familiar. I smiled. Yep, it was him.

The submissive bottom, the guy that wanted his asshole beat up by a big dick until he couldn’t sit the next day, worked for a well-known Republican bigwheel. We had met a few times at political events. Shit, even exchanged business cards and gone out for coffee to talk shop once or twice.

Ain’t it strange how hookups can go sometimes?

“Immanuel, it’s you,” “Johnny” said, looking obviously embarrassed but trying to keep an air of coolness.

“Funny that we meet like this,” I said, chuckling. “Wow, this is funny.”

Rep. Mark Foley (R-Florida) resigned in 2006 after it was found he was sending sexually suggestive messages to male Congressional pages, including one asking the teenager to measure his penis for him.

It was clear Johnny didn’t want me in his business so after some brief chit chat he sent me on my way. We didn’t have lunch, let alone coffee.

I said goodbye, walked around the corner, sat at a bar, and had a great bowl of chicken noodle soup and a diet coke. Every once in awhile I broke out in a smile, thinking about the irony of it.

“You must be having a good day,” the waitress said.

“Yep, it’s alright,” I answered.

Why am I bringing this story up now? The Republican official this guy worked for is one of that group of GOP Bozos running for president. In recent weeks this candidate has said things that are anti-black and anti-gay.

Which gets me no end because you would be surprised how many gay folks are in the Republican Party, working hard to keep afloat a party that has rabid elements that would be happy to burn gay people at the stake and make black children become school janitors to earn their keep.

The level of hypocrisy is so high it is astounding when you think about.

Science Duck recently did a study that found that in the last decade Republicans were involved in 60 percent of sex scandals involving politicians. Republican politicians were also involved in a whopping 78 percent of gay sex scandals and 66 percent of underage scandals.

Republican Florida House Rep. Bob Allen resigned in 2007 after he was arrested for paying an undercover cop $20 to perform fellatio on the officer.

Remember Republican Sen. Larry Craig playing footsie under the stall in an airport bathroom? Or Mark Foley, the Republican Congressman who sent sexually explicit messages to male teenagers in the Congressional Page program?

Or what about Florida House member Bob Allen, who offered an undercover cop $20 to let him suck his dick. Allen’s excuse? He was afraid that burly, black undercover cop was a thug who was going to beat him up so he offered to slob that dick to save his wallet and probably his life.

What a bunch of bullshit.

So as you can expect this year I’m getting a big kick out of watching the Republican primaries. Because I know first-hand what a bunch of fucking hypocrites they and the people who work for them can be.


  1. “use my ass like a pussy”. How poetic. -_- Smh. This reminds me of one of the Elders in my church’s jurisdiction. I always got a vibe from him but never acted on it because 1. He had “church-breath” and 2.Too close for comfort. And the biggest red flag for me was when i realized he managed to slip in some anti-gay pun in his sermons. through the 6 Degrees of Separation, I found out my friend-with-benefits (at the time) used to talk to Elder’s ex, this HELLA sexy muscle daddy (for lack of better words) who works at this gym right around the corner from me. I was skeptical of it until he told me that Elder queened-out and broke them up. And that his breath was hotter than jalapeño pussy. Smh. The world just got smaller.

    Lmao, o boy felt shamed when he realized it was you! If we’re all adults here, what’s the big damn deal, ya know? I would been like “sooo… You DON’T want me to use your ass like pussy, er…”

    I’ve learned to have as much fun with it as possible during awkward moments. Either that, or eat a Twix.


  2. @Cogito:

    Church breath and breath hotter than jalepeno pussy-too funny!!

    Yep, I should add church peeps to the hypocrisy list along with Republicans. You have been reading my blog awhile – in my wilder days I bedded down two ministers, a deacon and an award-winning Gospel singer. They are some of the most conflicted, guilt-ridden, depressed, whacked brothers I know. And some of these are way messy too.

    That’s why I’m not surprised about Eddie Long. I know a downlow married dude here that used to hang with Eddie till things got too hot. He said he had warned Eddie stop hanging around all them young boys cuz it looked bad but Eddie didn’t listen and here we are.

    So Cogito you were right to leave Elder “Looking for Mr. Good dick” alone! Keep your dick in your pants with church folks!

  3. Why

    Why are the men of all race turning into gay men rather they the top or bottom its still gay all of it when a man engage, engaged sexwith another man he is gay , sissy, fagg, he still gay what is the world coming to? why so many men having sex with each other?

        1. Cal B

          :0) Not to belabor the point, but this commenter came to a #LGBT blog to make that comment. Unsure if it was for humor or satire or whatever, but how many OTHER blogs are there in/on the WWW again? **1 more hit for immanuel22! /** #trayvon

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  5. Emmanuel

    I really enjoy reading your blog, i discovered it 2 weeks ago, and ever since the I’ve finish reading all you have blog from 2009 till date, i am also a DL guy here in africa, my name is EMMANUEL 39yrs old.

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