Okay was I hit on or was that homophobia?

Okay was I hit on or was that homophobia?

Okay yesterday was a warm day and I was off so I decided to get some gardening done.

I have only been in my rowhouse a year but my garden is already the talk of the block. Immanuel don’t like living in a shabby house inside or out.

Okay so I bagged up weeds and dead plants and was walking around to the trashcan in the alley when two young dudes wearing sagging jeans, baseball caps and dreads walked up behind me.

I was wearing a gray Nike hoodie, knit skullcap and baggy nylon gym shorts that came down to my knees.

“Look at you switching that ass,” one of them said. “And look at those skinny legs.”

Were they talking to somebody else? But there was no one around. Besides, I don’t switch when I walk.

But I do have skinny calves so yeah he was right about that.

I didn’t respond but glanced back at them as I rounded the corner to the alley.

Homeboy was looking at me with a mischievous grin and a twinkle in his eye.

What the fuck? Was he trying to jone on me for being gay (the neighbors have got to know) or was he hitting?

I just ignored him and kept it moving.

My garden last summer.
My garden last summer.


    1. Damonjay: My neighbor “Tony” the thug up the block, tells me several of the young dudes hanging on the corners in our neighborhoods get down. He struck up with one of them but had to cool it down because the guy kept knocking on his door at all hours and people starting asking why is this teenager always at your house. Sometimes when I am outside working a young dude will walk by, slow down and deliberately let his jeans sag right in front of my face. Like if that ain’t broadcasting I don’t know what is. I have a rule though. Never shit where you eat (or live). So they can keep walking.

      1. Damonjay

        Immanuel, I met a young guy in my neighborhood several years ago. He was going with a neighborhood girl at the time. He was 17 at the time..I told him to come back when he was 18. He did, and against my better judgement, I schooled him on how it’s done by an older gentlemen. Well several weeks after, he tried to break into my house while I was away. The alarm system stopped him. He came back by a week later and wanted to hang out. I told him that I did not want to see his face ever again.
        I will never do that again. You are right. Too close.

        1. Wow Damonjay I would have dropped him from the friendship list too. People who will lie and steal from you will do anything to you.
          I know several older gay men who get off on the younger, “thug” types. One is a married lawyer who pays younger guys to give him head and likely fuck him. He told me you would be surprised what young guys will do for a few dollars.
          Frankly, I don’t want to find out because you put yourself at risk doing that.
          The father of one of my co-workers was an elderly gay man who took in a younger guy in his mid 20s. This young man murdered him, took his debit cards, and went around town shopping and withdrawing money. The murder was violent…the old man put up a fight but got stabbed multiple times.
          Police easily caught this young man — video cameras captured him using the man’s credit cards at various ATMs and stores. He claimed the older guy propositioned him and got violent when he refused so he had to defend himself. The evidence proved otherwise and neighbors and friends testified the two had been in a long-term relationship.
          That was another lesson to me to leave young dudes alone because some of them take up with older men for money and support and can get violent when the money stops coming.

  1. worst_1_yet

    Assuming you could kick their asses, I don’t think they were talking about who you have over unless one or both want to be included. You seem to carry yourself well. That said. You gonna invite him / them into your home? Seems like a bad idea.

    Unless you plan that shit out right. 😀

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