Office Wife

Office Wife

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We go out to lunch together almost every day and make sure to stop by each other’s cubicles to chat.

She compliments me on my still slim physique and my stylish way of dressing.

And I have to admit she is hot.

Half Puerto Rican. Half Dominican.

She is Africa meets the New World. Skin the color of coffee and cream. Womanly hips. Meat on her bones, but not too much.

Yeah, you know she knows how to make a mean pot of beans and rice. And  I bet her kisses are sweet as dulce de leche.

My co-worker is divorced with three kids and I have teenagers too so we have  a lot to talk about. Our exes and our crazy teen kids.

“You need to take me to your class reunion with you,” she says half jokingly but I know she would dance with me all night if she could.

“You know how to salsa? You gotta teach me that dance,” I say to her.

I know we will never hang out after work. I am gay and have a man at home.  I am not out at work.

But sometimes I look at her and wonder what if?


  1. *sighs* smh. I know exactly how that is. You get along real well with a chick and pray that it stays platonic, but no. She catches feelings and is too distracted by her growing feelings to see that her sexually alluring powers don’t work on you. And even if you do come out to her, she’ll either think you’re lying because you’re not attracted to her, or she’ll believe you, and thinks will get weird.

    Or at least, that’s the story of my life. -_-

    Good post.


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