Now that’s Jack’d Up!

Now that’s Jack’d Up!

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One of the problems with the gay smartphone hookup app Jack’d is that you can’t turn the damn thing off. The shit is always on.

Thankfully I don’t have a public facial photo on my profile. Which likely saved my ass at work a few weeks ago.

There is a gay guy who works in the accounting department of my company. He is stylish, handsome, witty, well-built, openly gay and fabulous. And the ladies love his little chocolate ass. Even my Office Wife.

Trent's blue suede Kenneth Cole shoes.
Trent’s blue suede Kenneth Cole shoes.

“Trent you always have the latest fashions,” she gushed. “Where did you find blue suede shoes?”

“Girrrlll, I picked these up at the Kenneth Cole outlet in New Jersey on my way to New York City,” Trent answered. “You can’t find shit like this in these tired ass D.C. stores.”

But since nobody at works knows I’m gay I hear a different story about Trent when he isn’t around, things that make me want to stay deep in the office closet.

“Isn’t it a shame,” Office Wife said one day when while we walked down the street to grab a bite to eat. “Half the dudes in this company are gay. It’s a damn shame because Trent is so fine and he has bigger muscles than you. Damn.”

I gulp silently and think of a comeback. “Yeah, too bad but hey there ain’t a lot of fine sisters working in the office either.”

Now going back to Jack’d. I was sitting at my desk and went on the Jack’d app to see who was relatively close. There are several guys in office buildings down the street I have chatted with but never met.

And there was a profile showing a person less than 100 feet from me. Oh shit. That’s practically down the hallway in the next group of cubicles. Wait. There is a face photo. It’s Trent! Shit.

I quickly powered my Droid down and kept it off for the rest of the day.

Q: Blogger Jamari Fox once wrote about a person on Jack’d who stalked a guy in the store he recognized from the app. Have you had embarrassing things happen with you due to a hookup app?


  1. i was on jack’d couple months ago.
    i went to the movies and about 95% of the people in the building were on it.
    i’m trying to watch the movie and my phone kept blowing up.

    i also hated it because you couldn’t turn it off.
    it is very dangerous especially if you have your face pic up.
    i ended up deleting it.

    1. Jamari I get your concerns and understand why you deleted it. A friend just emailed. He works at a military facility. He is on Jack’d and said there is a young guy there who is on it too and puts out his face, where he works and his position. I know gay rights are growing by leaps and bounds but that’s putting too much out there, especially if you are at the workplace. It’s almost like giving someone permission to hit on you. And I mentioned your comment about how Jack’d could encourage stalking. Sometimes I think technology moves faster than common sense.

  2. The Truth

    Jack’d has screwed up gays more than ppl realize …. even though I hv made new friends on it, I think it’s been bad for most men. It has also been a source of unnecessary drama too now I think of it. So many guys on my job be hitting me up on that and one of my golden rules I hv is to not play where I work …. and i’m constantly tempted (not good).

    Life was a little bit more simplier before Jack’d it seems like lol

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