Never Shit Where You Eat

Never Shit Where You Eat

rentsignI warned my friend. I told him.

But “Zee” did it anyway. He started fucking around with that hot, young light-skinned man who rented an apartment in one of the properties Zee owns.

“You shouldn’t mix business and pleasure, Zee,” I warned. “Never shit where you eat.”

“Nah, it’s cool. I can handle it,” Zee said.

Zee is middle-aged but still attractive. He has a well-paying job, family that loves to be around him, and travels and stays involved in various activities. In other words, he should not be desperate for some ass.

But this young man “Jamal” was friends with some friends of his, who were fucking that muscular bubble ass, getting their dicks sucked by Jamal’s luscious lips and sucking on Jamal’s thick red dick.

So Zee wanted to have what everybody else had. Ain’t that the way we men are?

So Zee would make excuses to go over to his rental property and would knock on Jamal’s door for one reason or the other and Jamal would answer in his underwear and…well the two men started doing what comes naturally.

It wasn’t long after the sexual antics began that Jamal began telling Zee he was $200 short on his rent here or $300 short there. And being like 15 days late paying when he did pay all the rent at the same time.

“I told you this would happen Zee. And you really can’t do shit because if you take him to landlord court he will claim you had a relationship and you gave him a cut on the rent in exchange for sexual favors.”

“Nah Immanuel. He can’t do that. He has a job at the courthouse and can’t get caught up in some faggetty drama like that.”

“Well Zee you know you are paying him for sex. Because every time he is short on the rent or paying late you have to pay that mortgage.”

“Yeah, you are right,” Zee said looking sheepish and embarrassed. But he kept hitting that shit anyway.

Things came to a head this week. Jamal  had disappeared and was almost two months late on the rent. Zee finally caught up with him and Jamal said he is moving back home to his parents by the end of August. He says nothing about catching up on July or August rent.

He left the apartment a cluttered mess, filled with old furniture and piles of paper and clothes.

This is how Jamal left the apartment.
This is how Jamal left the apartment.
And another photo.
And another photo.

Zee is lucky. Under Maryland law Jamal could have sat in his place for four months free without being evicted.

“Just be nice to him and get him out of there as soon as possible so you can rent it out,” I said.

But do you think Zee learned anything. He asked me whether he should still try to keep in contact with Jamal and get sex after he leaves.

I burn with anger. Zee is a good friend. I don’t like seeing him taken advantage by this young irresponsible trick. If I see Jamal in the streets or at the club I promise myself I will cuss him out or threaten to smack the fuck out of him if he says some shit.

“Don’t you get it Zee? Jamal was not your friend. He was using you. Let it go.”

And we change the subject and talk about something else.


  1. Dean

    How much did that ass cost Zee overall? How many times did he hit it? How much per hit? I wonder if it was worth the price to Zee. I suggest that he stay in touch with Jamal. I suspect that there is nothing to prevent Zee from suing Jamal for back rent AFTER Jamal leaves the premises. And that’s what I suggest Zee do: Get him out. Keep in touch. And then sue. And then collect. Then it would appear that he got all that ass for free.

    And don’t you mess it up by cussing Jamal out. And Zee might stay in touch with Jamal, get more ass and mouth and still collect. Zee might not be as dumb or as drunk on ass (and mouth around his dick) or Jamal’s dick as you think!

      1. Dean

        Immanuel, how much did the ass cost Zee? How many times did he hit that. If it cost, say, $500, Zee may feel that that is the best $500 that he has spent in a long time because of the quality and quantity of sex delivered.

        On the other hand, I suggest that you discuss my strategy to Zee and see what he thinks of it. Zee may feel taken advantaged of. As far as messyness, you wrote that Zee said “Nah Immanuel. He can’t do that. He has a job at the courthouse and can’t get caught up in some faggetty drama like that.” so it appears that Jamal has a steady job (where he can be served legal papers and with wages that can be garnished if he doesn’t pay) and that Jamal won’t want to bring out the sex stuff in front of his coworkers at the courthouse. And what if he does? It’s Jamal that will be embarassed–by tales of dick and ass–and not Zee. (And by the way, the Judge may cut him off from such tales as the Judge may find such tales not relevant to the contract/landlord-tennant action before the court.) Zee has no co-workers or family at the courthouse and no one that means anything to Zee will likely hear the tawdry gossip.

  2. worst_1_yet

    Eh . . . you got no beef with Jamal. I get that you want to look out for your friends, but this is not your business. Hopefully Zee learned his lesson and moves on. I’ve evicted people from a thousand miles away. Zee should be glad this guy is gone. Donate the shit he left behind and take the tax write off.

  3. Damonjay

    No matter how much advice we give our friends, they are going to do what they want to do. We see some potential good dick and azz….and all reasoning goes out the window!!

    1. Dean

      Damonjay, that’s a cop-out. A wise man has many advisors–just ask President Obama. A wise man will listen to advice and change his mind if that is called for based upon advice/information input. I know that I have.

  4. In the pictures it looks like jamal left alot personal stuff mail etc. Who leaves personal things anymore? He showed he really didnt give a fuck. That tv would be good in little childs room to watch videos on. Wow straight bum!!

  5. Fortune Knowles

    Immanuel, have you given thought to the possibility that Zee gets off on being dominated and trashed upon, it may be that he enjoys being subjugated?? How else would you explain his actions? A supposedly rational man gets burned and still goes on playing with fire and matches?? SMH….. much love from Nairobi,Kenya!

  6. Fortune Knowles

    Maybe like he feels that he is not worthy of having it all?? That he does not deserve what he has or what? Or perhaps that he has to suffer for ‘Love’ and that being with Jamal is his way of doing penance for loving men?? Immanuel, be a good friend and stand by Zee, he will need a shoulder to lean on when the blinkers fall off.

  7. LM

    This is just another sad reality based scenario in the gay black community when it comes to these “Boys” who are looking to create a “Daddy Caretaker” situation, and the guys who feel the need to perpetuate it to the point that it causes more harm than good. Zee, unfortunately Immanuel I must say, fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Granted, I assume, Jamal has what seems to be a financially substantive position working for the city, there should be no reason why he was not able to keep within the framework of his financial responsibilities as a tenant. Zee, as an owner, as a man in a position of power should not have blended the lines, but I think, as is the case with most of us, there is always something or someone that will penetrate our psyche and cause us to do things that we would only do in our subconscious. In this case, Zee’s was of the mindset that he wanted Jamal for more than just the monthly rent, and knowing this, Jamal was able to feed off of that lustful intent. A lot of these “boys” think that just because they have ass for days that they will find or hook someone with the $$$ that pays. It’s up to those who have the funds to remind these “boys” that just because they let you hit that Booty and called you Daddy, that does not mean you are entitled to my money.

  8. SpeakingTheTruth

    Yes that is how it go. Young guys always exspect something in return. My model is don’t ask me for shit and don’t steel from me. Occasionally I may treat one of my youngings to a dinner or outfit or some shit but that’s on my time. And u have to be really on some cool shit because I’m still getting treated and spoiled out here lol. I ain’t that old. But 38 to a twenty something is ancient

      1. SpeakingTheTruth

        Immanuel stop taking what I comment so litterly Bro. I’m only making general comments. Not every comment is for every situation. These are general comments. Like my elementary school teacher use to say. If it don’t apply let it fly!!!!😜😜😜

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