My  Five Unfulfilled Fantasies

My Five Unfulfilled Fantasies

I have slapped men during sex. Spit on them. Bit their nipples. Pissed on them.
I’ve had sex in an outdoor park. On a bathroom floor. In cars.
Threesomes. Check.
Group sex. Done that.
Bathhouses. Been there so many times I have lost count.
So what have I not done sexually that I fantasize about doing? Here’s my five.

# Tying up my partner or having my partner tie me up and have their way with me. Ideally it would be with velvet rope. The thought of having control or giving up control is very tantalizing to me although I have never done it.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of



# Having a threesome with a hot woman and man at the same time and fucking them both. My ex Morgan and I discussed it since he had never had a woman but it never happened.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of

# Having a guy be my maid for the day and clean my house naked. The guy in the photo below would be perfect!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.


# Having sex with a hot Asian guy. I was once in a threesome with a bottom and an Asian top. Dude was muscular and hot and got me thinking — wow, topping one might be sexy. In fact, one of my favorite porn actors now is Koh Masaki from Japan. Unfortunately he died from peritonitis in 2013. RIP.

My favorite Asian porn star Koh Masaki of Japan. Unfortunately he died last year. Photo courtesy of
My favorite Asian porn star Koh Masaki of Japan. Unfortunately he died last year. Photo courtesy of

# I’ve already got down with one of my favorite porn stars who will remain unnamed. But there is another one on my mind. XL. OMG! Have you seen him? Plus XL just graduated college. There is nothing sexier than an intelligent man.

Porn star XL. He shows passion, gives great foreplay and gives and takes dick like a champ. Photo courtesy of
Porn star XL. He shows passion, gives great foreplay and gives and takes dick like a champ. Photo courtesy of

Question: Readers what are your unfulfilled fantasies? Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Derek Perry

    I’ve just about done it all, except I wasn’t tied up, I was handcuffed, and blindfolded, and I get aroused just thinking about it!!! Of course I returned the favor, and it ranks as one of my most memorable sexual escapades!!! Great minds think alike!!! “XL” makes me drool…..DAMN!!! Hooking up w/ you and Van is on the list, and attending one of your parties!!! Damn Immanuel, now I got to go rub one out!!! As always, love the blog, and thanks for the shout out!! Mad love for you & Van! Enjoy the weekend!

      1. PDQ

        Being in handcuffs is VERY hot – add a blindfold to it and it’s off the fuckin’ chart. Your other senses are heightened and for me it really made the experience so much more erotic. Let Van do it to you at your next party. You won’t have any idea who is working you over and your cock will be ROCK hard

        1. PDQ: Okay Van handcuffed me 2 nights ago. He has a REAL pair (yup don’t ask how he got ’em). I started giggling so hard I couldn’t get serious. Then he pulled out this curved vibrator that stimulates your balls and ass. I really started laughing then. Oh hell no he wasn’t using that shit on me LOL. He uncuffed me. Next time I gotta get more serious.

      2. PDQ

        @Immanuel22 5:14pm – Gigglin’ ? Seriously? Van, if you’re reading this – the next time he starts to giggle, stuff your jockstrap in his mouth and blindfold him so he can’t see what’s coming his way. And BECAUSE he giggled, work him over till he’s literally begging you to allow him to cum. Then leave him like that – with all that pent up sexual need still unsatisfied – while you go watch TV for a while in the other room.

  2. Slapping? Yes. Biting? Yes. Spitting? Sign me up for the Christian jubilee! I love that raunchy stuff. I’m not into watersports in the least, but hey, whatever floats your boat. I’ve yet to have a threesome, let alone group sex (unless my few rendezvous at adult theaters counts). I’ve always wanted to do a leather-clad Blackbreeders type of kinky session, complete w/boot licking, snowballing, and even one if those rim seat thingamajigs. I also have this unfulfilled dream of actually sitting back and directing a porn scene. Like, if I could direct Shorty Jay, Dream, King (from DawgpoundUSA), Seduction, and XL, I would die a happy man. Other than that…I want to do a scene like in Treasureislandmedia’s Drunk on Cum series… I’ve said before that I’m kinda curious about women and would love to do a bi scene with John E. Depth and Caramel. But for now, it’s just me and my fleshlight, lol. I agree with all your other ones, but that naked maid stuff has always been kinda…like, nigga, clean out your own refrigerator. I see it on xtube a lot and apparently it’s a “thing”… (Oh, and I totally wanna get down with a white guy)…


  3. Ain’t this a bitch…I really hate you sometimes Immauel.
    After your last post and my confessions about my writing I wrote for the first time since July. Inspired my a comment on a podcast I heard, I started writing a post. Late Thursday night/early Friday morning, I started writing my post on my Sexual Bucket List…didn’t finish it, but a day later you post this…well.
    This is me….always a day late and a dolla short.

    Night Immanuel.

  4. marcus

    Good morning Immanuel. Actually I fulfilled my fantasy a couple years ago. It was to host a brother on brother sex party. It turned out better than expected. 16 sexy hand picked guys showed up and the bottom/top ratio was perfect. It lasted all night. About 230 am the action was off the hook. The loud moaning and the sound of bodies slapping together were really hot. I been getting emails and text from some of the guys wanting to do it again but I explained to them that this was on my bucket list and I fulfilled my fantasy and really have no desire to do it again….I had to clean up the hotel suite the morning after……know what I mean……lol

  5. Fortune Knowles

    Hey Immanuel, there you go again, racking up those naughty points. Dude, oh how I envy you!! If only I could get up to even a smidgen of things you have done on your raunchy list, I would be in heaven! Something I have always wanted to do, is suck off a dude when at a conference/meeting and the tables are draped. All the while business is ongoing and Im underneath getting busy!!
    Your Kenyan brutha,

  6. worst_1_yet

    Yo Immanuel! Love those doughy, asian asses. Not sure there are ANY straight Filipinos in the states, and yeah . . . they are all bottoms. I got a nice, velvet rope with your name on it. Let me know when I can tie you up and I will be on the next bus. Seriously.

  7. FreakyAM

    Yo Immanuel I’m a 43 yo muscular and masculine asian guy. I’m versatile and would love to hook up with you and your man. It’s always been a fantasy of mine to do the sandwitch with two black guys where I top and get fucked. You guys are hot !

  8. Jay

    I have many unfulfilled fantasies. However, the MOST important of those to me falling in love with a guy who is also in love with me and not afraid to show it. Although other fantasies are just mere sexual.

  9. Calvin

    The tying up option I’ll skip, but the rest is SPOT on. I’ve come in close contact with VARIOUS Black gay porn stars [Ace Rockwood, HotRod, Elmo, etc.] since being out, but I’m too shy to even THINK of propositioning them like that…**BLUSHES**
    I LOVE how you mentioned “hot woman”. If she ain’t lithe with pendulous boobs, a nice ass and flat stomach, I’ll fuck a chubby dude or just a dude instead. PERIOD. #Please&ThankYou.

    Your list is my list, my list is your list.

    I have nothing left to say but GIT UR ASS ON IT MAYNE! We ain’t gettin’ no younger ;0)

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