Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

Photo courtesy of The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

I am a Gemini. And the planet Mercury rules Gemini.

And Mercury was in retrograde from Election Day to Nov. 26. When Mercury is retrograde it appears to move backward in the morning and evening skies instead of going forward.

Retrograde periods, which happen three or four times a year, can be bad for Geminis. We are usually superb communicators but that gets fouled up when Mercury goes retrograde. We lose things. Make mistakes with money. Things we plan to do get delayed or spoiled.

It’s a time we Geminis need to lay low and keep our mouths shut. It’s a time when God tries to teach us something and we should release old hurts and disappointments and start with a clean slate.

I almost broke up with Morgan during this time.

I won’t go into the details but we had been at each other’s throats. He was getting on my nerves and I know I was jumping up and down and stomping on his.

I bought an investment property in Baltimore in mid November. I was supposed to settle Halloween Day but things got tied up and Hurricane Sandy arrived and the deal sat for weeks. I was not surprised — delays like that happen to Geminis when Mercury moves backward in the sky.

I was so frustrated with Morgan one day that I said, “Look, I will just move to Baltimore and commute to D.C. to work.”

“I knew you were buying that house to leave me,” he said.

I  glance up and really look at him, maybe for the first time in weeks. How can a man look so angry but pitiful at the same time. My heart melts a little. What am I about to do?

“Look Morgan Mercury is in retrograde until Nov. 26. This is not a good time to communicate. Let’s wait and think awhile and talk again.”

Nov. 26 came and went. The frustration and restlessness I had been feeling eased, if just a bit.

“Look, Immanuel, I don’t want to lose you,” Morgan says one day. “You are a good man. It took me long time to find you and there is nothing else out there.”

I really didn’t want to lose Morgan either. He has his ways but deep down inside I know he has my back. He is as solid as a rock.

So we make a deal. I need my own spot to decorate how I want. To plant a garden. To have a place for my kids to come. To have some apart time.

And we will split time between his place in D.C. and my place in Baltimore.

The deal satisfies me. I exhale and start breathing deeply again.




  1. Robb

    Hey, did you guys ever talk about getting a bigger house then you could decorate together? Bigger house more rooms for kids and your star alignments wont be that hard when you can go into another room so he eont get in your nevers or vice versa.

    1. Robb, that’s a great idea. We may eventually do that. But at this point Morgan has been in this house for more than a decade and doesn’t have plans to move. And it’s a big house…however it is filled with his furniture and art. And he has his ideas about decoration and I have mine LOL. Besides, I really want my own piece of the rock. I’m not getting any younger and we are not legally partnered so if God forbid anything happens to him I’m back out on my own. It’s best to hope and wish for the best but prepare for the worst. And I believe men – and women for that matter – should be independent.

  2. I can totally relate to today’s column…as a Gemini in the DMV and as someone struggling to retain a good relationship with a good man despite both of our flaws. I want to learn more about how the Mercury works for Geminis and the timing…these ups and downs sound familiar to me. Keep on keeping on being so open and revealing in this blog.

  3. Willie

    I must say that I have enjoyed reading your blog. It is very refreshing seeing that the younger brothers are keeping it together in this sometimes confusing world of ours. I am a 54 yo same gender loving, gay black, African-American, colored, negro who just happens to be a total bottom living in the deep south. My western zodiac sign is Taurus, & my Chinese zodiac sign is the Dog. Yes, life is great!!! You all keep up the great work!

  4. Sie

    It’s understandable that Morgan is freaking out,Change doesn’t bring stability gues that’s why it’s alway constant and with You moving things are bound to change.But it’s a great thing You came to a mutual resolution,It’s obvious You Love One Another because You and Morgan are c0mpr0mising and working together to make Your Love Last anywho G0od Luck and God Bless.

  5. Hey Immanuel! I’m digging you blog and your story…and your photo ;). I linked here from a search of “Power Bottom” as I’ve just discovered the term, having discovered the desire 8 years ago.

    I’m a SCO rising in love with a GEM rising trans-lady long distance (I’m all over the Kinsey scale like a spider on crack). She moved in with a guy in November, and I think it’s a mistake…it wasn’t with ME. We’re both astrologers and singers. The retrograde was in my Ist house conj. my Sun (I’m DOUBLE SCO–bwa-ha-hah!), and in her 6th house.

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