Kudos to Kordale and Kaleb

Kudos to Kordale and Kaleb

Hey I’m late to write on this but being a gay father I had to say something.

A week ago a straight female friend of mine named “Arlette” posted on Facebook the photos of two black men in the bathroom combing their daughter’s hair.

“Isn’t it great to see black fathers doing this,” she innocently said.

Blame it on gaydar but I looked at the photo and immediately knew  Kordale and Kaleb were gay fathers. It didn’t take long for my straight friends on Facebook to catch on. In minutes nasty comments were flying.

“There is something wrong with that,” one person wrote.

“That’s just wrong.”

“That is indecent. What men go around without shirts like that with their children”

Without shirts? Come on now. Really. When my mother was going through her hot flashes she walked around with her breasts out fanning them and dared anybody to say some shit.

Kordale and Kaleb and their children. Photo courtesy of www.funkydinevacom.
Kordale and Kaleb and their children. Photo courtesy of www.funkydinevacom.

Within hours Arlette took the post down. But by then the photos of Kordale and Kaleb had spread across the Internetosphere. Like on my Facebook page many of the comments were nasty and downright ignorant.

Many straight folks don’t realize it but LGBT folks have been raising children for centuries. I know several LGBT men and women who are raising children and even grandchildren and doing very well at it, thank you very much. And I know several other black gay men who are helping support nieces and nephews, even sending them to college.

But I don’t have to just go by my own anecdotal evidence. The Census Bureau found that one out of four gay couples is raising children.

Studies from several psychological and social work organizations have long said children raised in loving LGBT homes are just as well adjusted as other children. And one argument for legalizing same-sex marriage is that these children need to enjoy the same benefits and rights as the children of married straight couples.

Ironically, most LGBT families that are raising children are in the South in conservative states that have fought hardest against gay marriage. In fact, Kordale and Kaleb live in Georgia.

I wish Kordale and Kaleb and their beautiful children nothing but happiness and success. Thanks for showing that black gay men can form strong families and look good while doing it. There are thousands more Kordales and Kalebs out there. I hope one day more of their stories will be told.



  1. worst_1_yet

    Never understood why people just cannot MIND THEIR OWN DAMN BUSINESS. Those kids are cute, and their Dads aren’t bad either. I thought the photos were great. Could not believe all the stupid motherfuckers mouthing off about them.

  2. Fortune Knowles

    What is so difficult for folks to live and let live??? I have never understood why people just cannot accept things as they are and try to be more accomodating, It is not like these guys are unfit parents or serial abusers? Ignorance will be the end of us all.
    Thank you Immanuel for your balanced view on this issue and for your vocal support for responsible parenting. Gay or not, the most important thing is that Kaleb’s and Kordales children know that they are wanted and loved and they have clothes on thier bodies,shoes on thier feet,food in thier tummies and a safe a warm place to sleep at night.
    I salute them!!

  3. New and different scares some people. Things like this may have been going on, for years and years…gay fathers being good parents to their children…but only in the last couple years are so many pictures out showing exactly them doing it up close and personal. Add that they are black and it is a whole other story. We have example of Ricky Martin and his man, Elton John and David, Neil Patrick Harris and his husband, all doing this on a regular; and white people are for the most part cool with it. It scares people, especially blacks, to see black men doing the same. They don’t know how to comprehend and register this type of information or pictures.It’s cool and something to honor when we thought they were straight, something weird and strange when it turns out they are gay husbands.

    Now I am no stranger, to Kordale and Kaleb. They come across my Tumblr dashboard multiple times a week. If they thought the picture of them combing the girls hair was crazy they would freak out, with the Kordale and Kalab collection. There is Kordale and Kaleb do Halloween as Firemen, Kordale and Kaleb do Pool Party, Kordale and Kaleb does Valentine’s Day, Kordale and Kaleb do date night, Kordale and Kaleb do cooking in and together, and everybody favorite Kordale and Kaleb family Holiday Collection 20and whatever. I like them all and have them faved, in my Tumblr.

    I honestly Can’t see myself, like them one day; but it’s still nice to see them and think who knows.

    1. Thanks for the great comment. Kordale and Kale make me want to ser up a tumblr account just to follow them. I hope as time goes by Black people grow more accepting. But remember people who don’t feel good about themselves tend to put down others. I see a lot of that in the Black community.

  4. SpeakingTruth

    Immanuel anybody who want to raise kids i give them an applaud for it because i am so glad mines is a teen now. Its hard as hell and im glad its almost over. When i was younger i wanted kids for my own selfish reasons. Never once did i give thoughts on how my child would feel about having a bi dad once he got older. I am a masuline man so that make the blow a little lighter after my son mom outed me to him but i can tell he not 100 percent comfortable with it. I think gay parents should be proud of their familys but posting ur family on social media i dont know how i feel about that because just because u as the adult are strong enoough to deal with the back lash why put ur kids through it. Kids are cruel. Im from the hood and my son is hood and i cant see my self taking a pic with my son and lover and then posting it. I would not want to do that to my son. You cant always put ur business in people face and exspect people to except it. I also seen those pics on the net of those pics and more intimate pics of them in the net. And i dont follow them or know them but they do stand out because they are attractive and look like money. At the end of the day you have to think about ur kids especally if it can turn into a safety issue. This is coming from a birth father of a teenage son.


    1. SpeakingTruth

      And i want to clear up the pic thing. I wouldnt post a pic of me a lover and my son suggesting to the rest of the world that we are a family. At the end of the day my son will get most grief for that.

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