Immanuel’s Guide to Deciphering Personal Ads

Immanuel’s Guide to Deciphering Personal Ads

Personal ads on Manhunt, Adam4Adam, Grindr and other sex hook up websites have a lingo all their own. You just have to know how to read them, how to decipher them.

Because people will tell you all about themselves. All you gotta do is read between the lines.

Here’s some terms and phrases I have run across and what they really mean:

Anything Goes: Just a fun way of saying I like raw sex and am HIV positive.

Ass shots: I don’t care if you say you are a top. If you post a photo of your ass you probably give up ass too!

This guy advertises as a top on Adam4Adam. So why have your fat booty and asshole showing in your profile picture?

Average: Guys who describe themselves as “average” are usually overweight or out-of-shape. Weighing 240 pounds and having a 42-inch waist is not average — it’s bigger-than-a-muthafucka. I love my big brothers — nothing wrong with them. Just realize the person who says average in an advertisement might not look like what you expect.

This guy described himself as average. He is heavy.

Body builder: A lot of guys who claim they are body builders are really fat dudes with big arms. They think big arms mean muscular. Nah. Don’t think so. So don’t let this description fool you. Also real body builders usually only like to fuck around with people who are active, athletic or take care of themselves. So if you are average or fat don’t waste your time hitting them up online.

Real Body Builder. Photo courtesy of

Conservative: Another way of saying you are in the closet or don’t like hanging with feminine, obviously gay guys.

Discreet or DL: These dudes are either married to a women or dating a female and messing around or married or in a partnership with a dude and messing around. Oftentimes these profiles will not have a photo. Go and have sex with them if you want but realize they may have baggage. For more information read Immanuel’s Guide to Down-Low Brothers.

Looking for generous men or Love to shop: This is just a broke-ass escort too lazy to put up an advertisement. Stupid young boys who think their ass or dick is special also write bullshit like this. They don’t know good ass and dick often comes free.

Photo courtesy of

Group Sex/Threesome/Relationship: If these three terms are in the same profile the dude is NOT looking for a relationship. They are just trying to snap up fresh meat — a brother who is not as sexually out there as they are.

“Heard it all before (heard it all before), All of ya lies, all of ya sweet talk, Baby this, Baby that”: Language along these lines indicates the writer is a bitter, angry, jaded gay man. Do not answer these ads. You don’t need somebody else’s drama. This person needs a good therapist. Not sex.

“If your first pic is an ass or dick pic I won’t be talking to you”: These folks are confused. They think they are on, and not a sex hookup website. Or they may believe appearing a bit prudish online will make others think they aren’t sex hounds. Believe me, everybody who goes to online sex sites is getting a fair amount of sex.

“If you like to kiss and tell keep it moving”: People who write this line are usually the messiest and the most promiscuous. They just don’t want their business getting more out than it is. Or they could be paranoid down-low men (see do Discreet or DL entry above).

Photo courtesy of

Just tested: Means nothing. It can take weeks or months before HIV is detectable or days before a person shows signs of an STD. In fact, some guys may have gonorrhea and syphilis and not show the classic symptoms for some time. So save yourself some trouble. Don’t believe anyone and play safe.

Looking for cool guys to hang with or friends: Bullshit. They looking for dick and/or ass.

Masculine: Guys who insist on you being masculine are usually the biggest queens who bring the biggest drama. Many dudes love effeminate men but if this is not your type be leery of ads from men who insist on masculinity in others.

Photo courtesy of the

PNP (Party and Play): These guys prefer to get high on methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana and other drugs as a part of having sex. I’m not one to judge, but if you are the sober type leave these guys alone. Having sex with somebody that is tweaking on drugs can be an unpleasant and frustrating experience, no matter how attractive they are (read my 2010 entry The Ecstasy and the Agony to learn more). Also, guys who PNP are more likely to have risky sex, so the odds they will have an STD or HIV is higher. So if you still want to swing with guys in this group, wrap that dick up. Oh and before I forget there is another thing about guys who do drugs. They will steal your shit. Is that really worth getting some ass?

Gay guys on meth usually look more like the “After” photo on the right than the “Before” picture left. But they are so drugged up they don’t know how skinny and ashy they look. Photo courtesy of

Professional: Dudes that make a point of saying they are professional usually tend to be more materialistic. Or they think just because they have a master’s degree, sit in an office or manage people it makes them more intelligent or more attractive. That ain’t necessarily so. Take it from me, you can’t buy common sense or sexiness or learn these traits in a university.

Selective: People who write “I’m selective” in their personal ads always came across to me as shallow. When I have met them they are usually people who think they look better than average and demand the same from others. Some of them have been pretty guys but not always. And like Outkast once sang roses sometimes smell like doo-doo. Things that are pretty are not always good.

Handsome men are wonderful. But being so picky you only want pretty boys could mean you are shallow. Photo of model Zeric courtesy of

Total Top: There is no such thing.

Verse Top: A bottom that doesn’t want to admit it.

Verse: A more masculine bottom.

Verse Bottom: A bottom who wants to sound more marketable, like they don’t give up as much ass as the real bottoms!

Readers feel free to school mean on the real meaning of terms you read in personal ads!


      1. Davon

        bottoms wish with their utmost soul, that any man who hits the gym and with abs should be a Walking Tyrese… FAIL.. they forget men are humans with emotions too and then they fall for acts and liars, get used and end up tossed from dick to dick, men play the part, no man gay, straight, bisexual, intersexual and whatever else they come up with now is a MACHISCMO MACHO man, that is all a lie, unfortunately some sissies live on that dream and continously lust after images online,,wishingggg….i had one yella bone boy beg me to call him my bitch and he would do anything for me, mind u Im not even 20 and he was just a year and half younger…i learned a lot from this post though, im in college and the few times i had an account up on one of those sites i never figured it out, ps: why cant I be shallow though?

  1. Robb

    I am a bottom and always have been, always will be (unless the right man comes along). The muscular ones were muscled in high school 15 years ago, now it’s just fat, the muscle mass is gone.

  2. sf

    You sure were on point with the description of the “Verse Bottom”…guilty as charged here lol!!
    However, I totally disagree with your description of “Verse”…I have come across effeminate guys who are fully-verse!! “More masculine bottom” in describing the full-verse isn’t basic. But interesting expository!!

  3. After I stopped laughing, I had to read this post again. You’re so correct in your observations, Immanuel! Truth be told, most personal ads are really the dreams of the person they would like men to think they are. Rarely do they reflect reality. I know, I got burned twice. Not anymore! Great post, my blogger brother!

  4. *sighs* see, that’s why I bangs with you, Immanuel! What kills me the most is how the main ones on, say, Xtube, for example, have profiles where there number one turn off is Fem Dudes, but there entire buddy list is nothing but ass shots! Smh. It’s like, Fem Dudes are okay to give Fellatio-Mignon, but not good enough to date. Smh.


  5. Armani_Model

    Three months without my phone & PC, I really missed this blog, how are things Immanuel? Say hi to Morgan as well. (Still waiting for ya’ll to vacation to SA)

    -With love from South Africa.

    1. @Armani_Model: Welcome back! Nice to hear from you again.

      Things are going well. Morgan and I survived Sandy. Prayers for my readers in New Jersey and New York City — they got hit much harder than us.

      We priced some trips to South Africa — in fact there is a gay tour going there next year. But boy is it expensive!

      Maybe next year if prices look good.

      Thanks for reading and have a great week!

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  7. I’ve posted my tight booty on Fetlife, and yeah, I’m an outright Alpha power bottom with a black hole. I see that “won’t talk to anyone with dick/ass” shots on that site a lot from all gender varieties. It’s NOT ‘E-Harmony’, people!

  8. Jm

    This is an old blog but damn so helpful and true. I met this guy on Adam4Adam while I was in Ma . He was tall, curly head, packing white stud in the picture, so he walks over to my hotel room and I said to myself ,this can’t be him? And I said “are you…” And he said yes I said you look nothing like your pic, he said “do you still believe in Santa Claus”.

  9. SpeakingTheTruth

    Yo I’m up here CTFU. So u saying there is no such thing as verse. If u verse then u a bottom. There is no such thing as total top. Who doing the fucking if there’s no tops or verse??? And what is so wrong about being a bottom if that’s what u like?? Somebody has to take the dick.

    I strongly disagree with nice body dudes only like nice body dudes and athletic dudes. As mature as you are I’m suprised you wrote that. Dont believe that unless they put that specifically in their profile if not then shoot your shot no matter what your body type is. People will surprise you. Also I post as average. Ctfu. I post as average because I don’t like to hype myself up. I like to be humble and I am average. But I’m am not obease or fat. My waist measure a 33 and a half inch when I’m not in the gym and 32 when I am in the gym. My legs and ass are Big so I buy 36 jeans that fall off my ass but if I got them any smaller they would be tight around my thighs. Ctfu one of your followers may see my ad and pass me by cause they think I’m obease and ugly. Stop that Ctfu

      1. SpeakingTheTruth

        Ctfu!!!! I don’t take it personal This be giving me something to do when I finish my assignments at work. I work overnight. Plus I like to write. Can’t wait to read more!!

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