Immanuel’s Ass


      1. I hope my comment didn’t come off as disrespectful…its just I understand that people, who read blogs have an image of the writer in our head. I have been reading you on and off since your first blog, and I had an image of you, or well your ass. In my head your ass was darker…okay like the person who would be your ass double in a HBO movie of your life would be Idris Elba ass, dark, fuller body, a little scruffy with ass hair. Instead, I think it looks more like Pharrell Williams, would play your ass double. You’re more slender than I imagined, your ass is smoother…it actually looks kinda like ass of this guy I use to mess with who was Native American. So very Pharrell Williams esque. Both are very attractive, with very nice asses, just different.
        Did I clear myself up, or did I dig a bigger hole?

        1. Your comment is not disrespectful at all. You are being honest and I appreciate that. And I’m a grown man who is putting his life out on a blog so I better be ready to roll with the punches. I don’t even censor comments before they post. I look more like Idris Elba than Pharrell believe that LOL. I am a dark skinned male, 6 feet 2 inches and my weight goes between 190 to 200. I’m tall and broad shouldered. I do have a little American Indian and white in me so maybe that’s why my butt looks like that LOL. I appreciate your reading the blog and taking the time to comment.

  1. worst_1_yet

    Oh man. I appreciate The Artist Formerly Known As comments on so many levels.
    1. Your ass is making headlines (practically and deservedly so)!
    2. TFKA’s discussing and explaining what he thought your ass would look like (All good points TFKA!) Immanuel–you do look darker in most of your other pictures, all of which are hot. Those dick shots. Damn. Definitely more Idris than Pharrell (who is like . . . what 5’5, 130# and sexy as the day is long)
    3,Such a gentleman in your response to TFKA. You are you, and you do your thing, and people love keeping up with it.
    4. That ass. Damn.
    5. The pics are super-tasteful. Maybe even too tasteful, haha. If you were really wanting to show us the shape of those sexxxy cakes we’d all be seeing and talking about entirely different things.
    6. Well done.
    7. More.
    8. Yep.
    9. 😀

  2. Kevin

    Immanuel and fellow readers,
    I need advice. I met a guy thorough bgc last july. He’s a good guy, great personality and super laid-back. An issue I’m having with him is he lives 4 hours away and doesn’t drive. I have to make the trek to see him.He’s also not really trying to get a license anytime soon, currently works part time and is picky about getting full time work and has never been in a serious relationship (he’s 26) so Im not sure if he’s even ready to date. He’s also a virgin. I feel like I’m a realistic person so Im not expecting him to quit his job and move in, I just want to date him to see if the compatibility is right. We text everyday and I miss him. I just not sure if Im wasting my time and energy into something thats not gonna work out. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hey Kevin:

      The great thing about dating men is what you see is almost always what you get. This guy doesn’t seem to be serious about his career or getting a license or a whip to see you. He doesn’t even seem willing to buy a bus or train ticket to get to you. He also seems to be unsure if he is ready to date.

      He may change and he may not. But what you have before you is what you have. He is what he is.

      The question to you is: How long are you going to accept this situation? Why are you in a one-sided relationship? If he is a virgin does that mean you are driving four hours for no ass or dick? Don’t you think you worth more?

      Tell him about your concerns. Give yourself a time limit to see if he improves or doesn’t. if he doesn’t improve quit trying for a relationship and keep this on the friendship tip.

      In the meantime I want you to go on Youtube and call up an old record by the great Aretha Franklin called “Chain of Fools.” Part of the lyrics go:

      One of these mornings
      The chain is gonna break
      But up until the day
      I’m gonna take all I can take, oh hey

      One day that chain you are on is going to get stronger or break, just saying.

      1. I thought maybe some of the other “Fellow Readers” would have commented on Kevin’s question; or asked any of the questions burning in my head, by now. Let me tell you, Dude I got like 100 questions for you. I feel like there is holes here, that I need clarifications on. However you haven’t even answered Immanuel’s questions, so I’m not sure if you are going to even answer mine. On the other hand, I’m not sure if his questions were real questions he wanted you to answer, or questions he wanted you to ponder and think about to yourself. Well I don’t know, but my question were real questions I need you to answer; but since I have written two previous comments on this post and none of the other “Fellow Readers” is commenting on your question…I already feel lone man out here on this. I will just leave the bulk of my questions to myself.

        BUT…I will ask this one ity bity question. I feel the answer will open the doors to where this relationship is really going.

        What kind of virgin is he? Seriously what is the origin of his virginity? Is he a virgin for religious reason..or fear…are we talking about just anal or everything…oral…hand job…heavy grinding. Do you mean with just guys or guys and girls? I just feel this question tells a lot about the direction of this relationship, and I don’t mean sex.

        Oddly I feel like I know or have been on both sides of the equation, in a sense. The 26 year older and Kevin’s side. Don’t get it twisted I have been driving since I was 16, with my own car and a full time job, but I get him and Kevin. Didn’t even hit a tap at all my questions, but still managed another too long comment…Sorry.

      2. Kevin

        My bad fellas for not clarifying earlier, he’s afraid of anal penetration. I’m in a one sided relationship bc I like Him and I wanted to show him that I’m very much interested in having a relationship with him and this is my first sgl situation so I may just be a bit pressed. Since I’ve been communicating with him for 9 months and I make an effort to visit him at least once a month. I just got back in town from visitng him and at this point, I feel like it’s time to open my dating options because I’m doing way too much and I’m feeling confused

      3. Kevin, that was like 3 weeks ago…nigga where you been? You asked a question, then was like “I ain’t got time for this,” rolled out before the answer was given.

        Immanuel…um I’m sorry but I think the saying goes something a little different…more like “Anything in life worth having is worth working for.” Now I’m not saying that is the thought for this situation, but…
        Sometimes quality booty needs to be worked for. For me you can have me for a sexy smile and a Baconator.

        Now Kevin, I honestly think there is more to this situation than you are stating. I am a man of details and well…you are not and not giving them. I feel you are leaving stuff out, so I’m out on giving any more advice on this situation. Like I said before I get both sides…been there. Look dick up the ass is scary, trust me I know. I…know…!!! There is so many reason behind this…so, so, many reason. I mean I have been there “I’m like Kevin is that you, it’s me Raheem, why are you talking about our sex life!”

        I want to know have you really had a serious, face to face talk with the guy about all of this and what has he said to you?
        I guess we will see you in another 3 weeks.

    2. Eric

      Love is patient, love is kind. Some of us don’t realize that til much later in life, because we as a society are conditioned to get things instantly. The gay world is flawed because it does not focus on slowly getting to know another person. If you let some time pass and keep communicating with this person, you might have a solid friendship, if not more. Remember, the guy to are
      getting to know is young, and a man will not come and be in a relationship TILL HE KNOWS WERE HE IS GOING in life. Listen to the signals that the guy is working this out, while being a friend.

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