How to Have  a Sex Party for Pleasure and Profit

How to Have a Sex Party for Pleasure and Profit

“Van,” the guy I date, has been to bathhouses but never a sex party. So for his birthday a few months ago I held a sex party at my place in Baltimore.

I text messaged some of our freakier friends and put an advertisement on Adam4Adam. To my surprise 30 guys descended on my row house, sucking and fucking all over my three bedrooms.

We had folks come from as far as Wilmington, Philadelphia and Richmond and had to kick the last guests out after the sun rose. Everybody seemed to have a great time, especially the guest of honor Van.

“That was fun but you know Van, if we had charged $10 a piece, we would have made $300 last night,” I said. “I could have really taken you out for a nice dinner today.”

“Yeah, you’re right.”

And Van looked at me. And I looked at him. And a light bulb went off in my head.

“You know, we should have sex parties to make some extra money,” I said.

The key to a great sex party is to create a sexy vibe and make  your guests feel comfortable. Photo courtesy of
The key to a great sex party is to create a sexy vibe and make your guests feel comfortable. Photo courtesy of

“Hey, I will help you out,” said Van, who is always good, game and ready to go.

And that’s how it started. Van and I have had about five parties. We have made about $200 to $250 in profit on each one — not a great deal of money but some nice walking around cash for the weekend.

Here’s our 7 rules for how to have a  good one:

KNOW YOUR MARKET: Look on Adam4Adam or Craigslist to see who is having parties and where. In Baltimore several young guys in their 20s have parties and there is this guy who has a warehouse space who charges $25 for a party. So I targeted my parties to the 30 and up crowd. And I charged $10 to make my parties more affordable, undercutting my competitor at the warehouse who has a great space but rarely gets many men because his price is too expensive. There is also a friendly African guy who has parties in Baltimore or D.C. mostly on Monday or Friday nights. I know him and try to have parties on nights when he doesn’t have them. In fact, he has sent some of his regulars to my party when he is not having one in the area.

ADVERTISING IS FREE: I posts ads on Adam4Adam and Craigslist at no cost. I also have a pretty extensive lists of contacts on my cellphone and I use them. But the best advertising is word of mouth. If folks have a good time at your party they will come back and maybe bring a friend the next time.

PROVIDE THE BASICS: For every party I buy a bottle of mid-shelf vodka and rum and sometimes wine if I have it plus ice, cranberry juice, Coca Cola, some chips and dip, breath mints or gum and some fruit like grapes or sliced oranges. Buy several bottles of inexpensive lube. Van and I also pick up handfuls of free condoms at gay bars, clinics or gay-friendly stores and use these for parties. Try to keep your supply costs around $50 and remember once the liquor runs out tough luck for guests who come late. You are not trying to get folks drunk, just loosened up socially.

Younger men are cute but you need a good mix of ages and body types to make a good party because different things appeal to different people. Photo courtesy of
Younger men are cute but you need a good mix of ages and body types to make a good party because different things appeal to different people. Photo courtesy of

MAKE THE ATMOSPHERE SEXY AND INVITING: I set up two upstairs bedrooms and a room in my basement as sex rooms, complete with dim, electric candles and clean sheets. Van and I play porn in a third upstairs bedroom which is set up as a sitting room. Guests can go there to jack off and relax or even freak if they want. Another area of the basement is set aside for people who want to smoke cigarettes or weed or just relax and of course the main floor living and dining room are open to guests who want to chat or listen to house music that I stream from my computer through speakers.

MAKE GUESTS FEEL AT HOME: Van and I greet each guest personally at the door, take their clothes, fix them the first drink, and give them the rules of the house. We also welcome people of all body types. Folks seem to appreciate this and say we are consummate hosts.

GIVE OUT ONLY BASIC INFORMATION: When folks try to get an invite to your party be brief and to the point. Give the address, the price and whether condoms and lube will be provided. Don’t waste your time on dudes who ask how many folks are there, how many tops and bottoms do you expect etc. These dudes are the ones who never show anyway. Plus I have discovered there are guys who get off on talking about what happens at sex parties. My answer is always, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If you want to find out come to the party and bring your $10.”

KEEP THE KIDS AWAY: Young gay guys can be cute and have great bodies but when it comes to sex parties I try to keep as many under-30 people out as I can unless I personally know them. The reason why is that some younger guys come to sex parties to stand around and gawk or try to find their next boyfriend or Sugar Daddy. Another irritating thing I notice is that some younger men like to get high on weed or stronger stuff like methamphetamine to get in a party mood or they practice unsafe sex. Van and I try to promote safe sex practices by putting condoms around the house. We also advertise our parties as the grown and sexy set that is coming to freak, make a few new friends and go home.




  1. Fortune Knowles

    Hey, you are quite the entreprenuer,ehh? Great stuff dude, enjoy your life bruh coz Life is not a rehearsal, you dont get 2 tries at it. So go ahead and have fun and let nobody try to get you down.

  2. Fortune Knowles

    Thanks for the implied invite, Immanuel. My dear fellow, I assure you, you have not the foggiest idea as to just how MUCH I wish I was in your neck of the woods so I would partake of all the carnal pleasures you bestow. Nairobi does get down with the best of them though I have yet to savour of the goodies presented therein. The occurence of these events are however a much hushed affair,what with all the rampant homophobia running rife in this place.

    1. KM

      Hey FK, you’re right, these kind of open-invite parties are rare in NBO. Bi parties seem to be more and easier to find (do they provide excuses for play?). With this unseasonably cold weather, I’ll settle for what i can get!
      Immanuel, thanks as always for some great hot writing – Kenya loves you 🙂

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        1. Sure shoot your questions over. I can answer them here.

          I do want to let you know when I have parties I invite a team of my friends, who come to enjoy but also watch my back in case things get crazy. So far so good but I really don’t plan to have a lot of parties.

      1. Van and I lock up all valuables beforehand, including watches, jewelry and wallets. Our cell phones are on us at all times. We don’t play the first four hours of the party and take turns monitoring the door. We both take regular walks around the house to make sure things are kosher. sometimes we give each other breaks to go play. Half of the guests are friends who let us know when folks act funny. So far that has only happened once with a young dude who looked high. I pulled him aside and had a talk with him and he shaped up and was soon getting his 10-inch dick sucked. Toward the end of the party when no one is calling or trying to come Van and I relax and play with our guests. At the party two weeks ago i jumped on two bottoms and fucked them till they nutted. Then Van and I put on a little show.But I am primarily having parties for quick cash and not to get myself off.

  4. josue

    Interesting post. Since I moved to Va I’ve always wondered if the dmv could hold a candle up to my home georgia (atl), when it comes to “getting down with the get down” lol. How do I find the parties for the under 30 crowd. Also Other than parties, are there any good adult oriented clubs around the dmv?

    1. Josue:

      Welcome to the DMV. I haven’t been to any venues in Atlanta but from what I’ve heard from my friends who frequent there we don’t hold a candle to the ATL.

      Get an Adam4Adam account to find out about parties in your area. Younger hosts usually hosts parties for folks their age, so check out what’s popping.

      There is the Crew Club on 14th Street in Washington, D.C. that is a bathhouse. Most days the clientele is mostly white and middle age and older. However, Tuesday nights are half off and those are the nights you will usually find a younger crowd and more young men of color.

      There is also the Glorious Health Club at 2120 West Virginia Avenue. This is a more urban, gritty spot. It also attends to attract more men of color.

      That’s about it for the DMV. Due to gentrification a lot of the video parlors that used to be in Southwest DC in and in downtown DC have closed. But you can still find something to titillate.

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