Hollywood Swinging: Part III

Hollywood Swinging: Part III

His ass was getting looser and wetter, thanks to the lube and Rush he was inhaling. His phat ass cheeks beat out a freaky rhythm against my thighs.


“Ohhh, it’s sooo good. Y’all have such big dicks. Ahhh,” Demarcus said, moaning. I swear it sounded like he had started crying.

While I was fucking Demarcus my partner Morgan had kneeled beside us, watching the show and every once in a while encouraging me to fuck that ass harder.

Told you he had a phat ass.

He reached over and hugged Demarcus, a cute brown-skinned guy who is a little pudgy but cute as hell with a plump behind that can take dick.

“It’s alright,” Morgan said, cradling Demarcus’s head in his arms and stroking his curly hair. “Take that dick. You know you like it.”

It was Saturday (yesterday) and it our final day in Los Angeles. I had a business meeting/lunch in a few hours and set up a threesome with Demarcus so Morgan and I could have a little fun on our last day.

I had met Demarcus two years ago when I came to Los Angeles — he is a mellow dude about 35 years old who loves sex and is good at it.

Demarcus got to our hotel in Studio City at 7:30 and we fucked him for so long we took a break, turned on cable television and watched the last half of the “Green Lantern.”

Demarcus lay between Morgan and me, jerking Morgan’s dick with his right hand and squeezing mine with his left while we watched the Green Lantern (actor Ryan Reynolds) conquer the soul-eating villain Parallax.

“Ryan Reynolds is hot,” I said. “Damn, he has a nice body.”

“Nah, he looks goofy to me,” Demarcus said.

After awhile Demarcus turned to Morgan and started sucking his dick. And the sex was back on.

My partner Morgan loves to fuck. He put Demarcus in a missionary style and started pile driving him, his long dick rapidly sliding in and out of Demarcus’ ass. It was hot to watch.

“Damn you’re beast,” Demarcus moaned. “You are fucking this ass.”

But the morning was ending and it was time for Morgan and I to pack and for me to hit my last meeting. So we jerked off and busted our nutts.

“Y’all are so sexy,” Demarcus said at some point. “Do you guys fuck each other?”

“Yeah, we do,” Morgan answered.

“I would love to watch that.”

I just smiled. Having a threesome and banging out a bottom together from time to time is hot and just recreation. I love to watch Morgan and he loves to watch me.

But some things are just for Morgan and I to do with each other.

I’ve had some great times in Los Angeles. Read Hollywood Swinging Part II, about a previous visit, by clicking here.

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