I’m Back

I’m Back

Five years ago I was a married African American man who acted on a fantasy, tasted the forbidden fruit, and made a leap over the rainbow to the gay side.

Today I’m on my way to divorce, in a relationship with a man, and living an increasingly open gay life. I chronicled my moving, sad, hilarious, and very sexually titillating journey in the now-defunct Blogspot blog, Confessions of a Down Low Brother.

I plan to write about new relationships and life and offer you the best of the old blog, Confessions of a Down Low Brother.

My fans have been clamoring for me to return. I think I’m ready now. So let’s go


  1. WELCOME BACK MY NIGGA! Missed da shit outta your ass. Imma deliver yo ass a beat down tho, cuz I didn’t know you were back up and running. Congrats tho. You know I love da shyt outta you. You have inspired me in more ways than you realize. Let’s do this.

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