Hardwood and Me


  1. Fortune Knowles

    Man, oh man Immanuel! Why are you teasing us with that phyne body of yours and that even more luscious cock?? Why daddy, why?? While some of us here are going through some serious episode of the valley of dry bones?? This is not fair!! I want a piece of that too!! Please share!

  2. Fortune Knowles

    At this point, even a slight drizzle would be greatly appreciated. Damn, the Earth is too bloody parched. Worse still, no hint of gathering clouds anywhere in the horizon!! But I will survive this too. Enjoy your weekend, Papa Immanuel.

    1. I was a straight arrow for years. But I was always sexually curious. I started this blog in my mid 40s so you can say that’s when I became more curious. Because really this whole blog is a form of exhibitionism, although I prefer to say sexually open and freer.

  3. Calvin

    I care NOT if I sound #HORNGRY, hungry, thirsty, desperate—> FUCK AAAAAALL DAT! You need to hit dis when I come back to the DMV. On a real, ain’t no lie. Yes, you look DAT good **SALIVATES** #SUCHatease #DaddycanGETIT #YUM

  4. PDQ

    Out of curiosity, does your 100 year old house have any furry cracks? I’ll bet there’s a garden with a pinkish rosebud that would photograph well and which has a delicious, musky scent and taste to it.

        1. I gotta finally tell you , i stumbled upan ya blog by accident, i was reading hiding in hiphop, and i saw the the true idenidentity of the real people in the book and there was one of your fantastic stories at the bottom, i have been hooked every since, so, Im fairly new, (this year,) so i just wanted to tell you Gemini’s make the greatest writers, and you are the best. I get horny every time check my inbox and theres a new blog entry.

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