Florida Swinging: White Men’s Pets

Florida Swinging: White Men’s Pets


No matter where “Van” and I went in Ft. Lauderdale we saw the same thing. Older white men with much younger black men in in their company.
They were on the beaches. In the restaurants. Window shopping.
Oftentimes the white man would seem well-heeled, driving a Mazzerati, BMW or Benz.   And the black guy would look like they were barely out of college.
Oftentimes the black “pet,” as I liked to call them, would be very slender, shorter and dark-skinned. And very feminine.
And they seemed to fawn over their white masters lovers like little lap dogs.


The pets would glance over at Van and me and give us a glance I couldn’t figure out. Was that slight embarrassment or a look of superiority?
Unlike most black men they wouldn’t even nod or say hello to Van and me. They just looked at and through us like we didn’t exist.
Our Florida friends hipped us to the game we already knew. A lot of older white gay men in South Florida keep young black men.
Sure they might get money, a nice crib and spending money but I knew the trap they were in.

I have a friend who lives in Florida named “Conrad” who was kept by a white man. Conrad lived with this man in his expensive South Beach home and had access to his luxury car. They vacationed in Europe.
But when Conrad turned 30 the white man broke up with him and soon found a younger model. And Conrad was left without a home. Hell he didn’t even get an education or property out of the deal.
I mean if you are going  to be kept get something out of it.
Just when I was getting disgusted seeing this kept boy scenario everywhere Van and I decided to take in the movie “Belle” one afternoon.
And I saw something that restored my hope that gay relationships between men of different races can be healthy.
A middle-aged interracial couple was leaving the movie. They were close in age and neither looked especially attractive but they had a beautiful spirit about them.
The black man had injured his foot and wore one of those plastic boots and limped.
His white partner walked slowly and carefully beside him as if he was ready to catch him if he stumbled. His tenderness was sweet.
They smiled and talked quietly to each other, perhaps about the film they just saw.
The sight of them made my heart smile.


  1. Tinsel

    Immanuel, I bless the day I found your blog. Everytime I receive an email notification of a new write-up, I get excit and start to salivate…lol!
    Dude, you need to write a gay novel…a daily blog journal…You’re clearly gifted…touching on issues that matter yet excite! Bravo!!
    Shame on those Florida Prostitutes!! You know I say it as it is: Prostitution!! Sex for money!!

      1. Jason

        Yes, some truly are and I am afraid you crossed the line into typecasting. Granted, my partner and I are a half a continent away in Indiana but ours is similar in terms of age but not much else. We love each other, we attend church together, we partner on all issues and decisions (though he sometimes forgets to bring me in on decisions, they are usually minor ones), we share my home and he is instrumental in the co-care of my children. One of the reasons age differences are less consequential for gay couples is we don’t procreate; we talk openly about the heartache that will result when I pass many years before he does but I know the reality of it will suck far more than we even imagine.

  2. worst_1_yet

    I like your sense of prescience Immanuel! Thanking me for a comment before I posted it 😀 Glad you found something to warm your heart while this was on your mind. Being a “rentboy” for life has got to have a drawback or two. That said, I think I would be looking up Florida’s common-law marriage guidelines before I was shown the door without my fair take. F those people that treat others like objects, to be collected and discarded. I don’t know how half this world sleeps at night! Take care! Sounds like a great trip!

  3. gimmewhatugot

    The dude in the second pic makes me smh. I can tell he’s fem. It’s weird because gay men act more feminine than women do.

    How are you seeing so many gay men? Is it hip like that down in Florida? What other hotspots are there in America? And I don’t mean for hooking up with sugar daddies. I heard Atlanta is the gayest city in America.

    1. Ft. Lauderdale is a very gay and gay-friendly city. There are numerous bars, clubs and restaurants that cater to gay people. The Wilton Manors neighborhood in Laud has one of the highest concentrations of gay folks in the nation. Google gay and Ft. Lauderdale or search for Ft. Lauderdale in my blog. And The Advocate online gay news site has lists of the gayest cities in America.

      1. Slim

        I agree Immanuel, I live about an hour north of Ft. Lauderdale, and I got to the bars and clubs in Wilton manor every now and then, my city is somewhat conservative compared to Ft.Lauderdale and WM, but we’re progressing lol

  4. ILove2SuckDick

    Back in the late 90’s I found myself in a relationship with a older white male – it was kind of sad and pathetic. I wouldn’t admit it then, but I was a “kept man” during those three years of my life. Thankfully I recognized the writing on the wall – including that fact that he genuinely had feelings for me, but I didn’t for him – and made the decision to leave the relationship. Literally one of the best decisions I ever made. And I am proud to say that I went on to get my education – both my bachelors and masters degree- and live a more authentic and self-affirming life.

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