Florida Swinging: The Sex Party

Florida Swinging: The Sex Party

The hotel where the sex party was held.
The hotel where the sex party was held.

“Randall, could you hurry up? It’s 11:30 and the party ends at 1 a.m. and it’s going to take us at least a half hour to get there.”

“Okay, okay, I’m getting dressed. But I want to have a little weed first.”

The top from the foursome on my second night in Florida had gotten us invited to a private sex party at a hotel over in Hollywood, Fla. last Sunday night. It was a humid, warm evening and I was dying to get out of the small condo I shared with Randall and do something fun.

We hopped on the road and drove to the spot.  Randall and I must have already developed a reputation in South Florida because the host seemed eager for us to get there. He kept texting, “Are you coming? Are you on the way? How far are you?”

The party took place in a room right by the hotel swimming pool and bar. The lights from the pool bathed the courtyard in a cool, liquid, blue light.

We knocked and the door was opened by the host — a muscular, tatted, dark-skinned brother with long dreadlocks and bubble ass who was a dead ringer for the actor Harold Perrineau from “Oz” and “The Matrix.”

And we walked in and it was on. The room was already filled with about a dozen brothers mostly in their 20s and 30s sucking, and fucking and kissing and licking. I swear everybody looked hot. You could practically smell the pheromones in the air.

Before Randall could take off his clothes somebody grabbed him and started sucking his dick. Then the next thing I knew he was 69’ing on bed with this handsome light-skinned brother with a small waist, broad shoulders and a big dick.

Shit, I hadn’t even taken off my clothes yet. Wait Randall! I gotta catch up!

A little brown-skinned bottom lay on his back on the Queen-sized bed in the room, getting plowed by a slender, dark top with a baseball cap on.

I stood and watched, stroking my dick until it got harder. Someone walked up next to me and started pulling on my dick but I pushed his head down to my nipples and asked him to lick them instead because getting my nipples sucked turns me on every time.

When the top got tired I tapped his shoulder, asked him to step aside, and I put on a condom and started fucking little homey. Then I took a break and fucked him again.

As I thrusted into him the for the second go round I felt someone licking my ass and looked down. Damn, Randall was kneeling on the floor behind me eating me out!

See the dudes in this photo? Well the guys at the Florida sex party were just as hot.
See the dudes in this photo? Well the guys at the Florida sex party were just as hot.

A muscular Jamaican dude with a dick I swear was a foot long was fucking a lighter skinned bottom next to me but I don’t think he could keep up an erection. Shit, it’s hard to keep blood flowing in something that big.

“Hey, you come over here and fuck him,” he said to me.

“Man, what are you the director of the sex party or something,?” I asked kiddingly.

The Jamaican dude laughed, his teeth white and glowing in the dim room. And I laughed too. Sometimes a sex party is about about joking and joshing around, too.

When it was a little past 1 a.m. the host flicked on the lights for a second and told everybody time was up and the party was ending soon so if you were going to bust you better do it. Then he dimmed the lights again.

I was on the bed smooching with the brown-skinned bottom. I discovered he was from Maryland, had been in the military, and was down in Florida taking college courses.

“Hey you want to see me bust a nutt,” I said.

“Sure Daddy.”

So I started jacking my dick a little more quickly and soon busted a creamy nutt all over my pubic hair. I had been close and just holding back so it was easy to let go.

After I washed and dressed I talked to the host. He complimented Randall and I on our nice bodies and my big dick.

“I’m having another party next week, are you going to be down here?”

“Nah man, I’m just on vacation but my buddy is around.”

Randall is in his early 50s and I’m in my late 40s but we keep in pretty good shape and looked just as good or even better than some of the youngsters at the party.

In fact, as we were leaving the light-skinned bottom and brown-skinned bottom asked where we were going but we were too tired to invite them back to the condo for an after party.

When Randall and I got back in the car we congratulated each other and bumped fists. We also agreed it was the best sex party we had been to in months.

And hey, we may be older but we can still hang with the young boys.


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