Florida Swinging: The Jamaican

Florida Swinging: The Jamaican

The section of the Fort Lauderdale strip near Sebastian Avenue is where gays gather. Photo courtesy of
The section of the Fort Lauderdale strip near Sebastian Avenue is where gays gather. Photo courtesy of

My boyfriend “Van” has a timeshare in Ft. Lauderdale and has been here several times and knows the area pretty well. He also has made friends here, including a guy named “Tristan” from Jamaica.

“Hey I called my friend Tristan and he wants to meet us at the beach. He has Fridays off. Do you want to go,” Van asked me on Friday morning, our first day in Florida.

“Sure, no problem,” I answered. “You know I am here to lay on the beach.”

So we drove a mile down the strip to Sebastian Avenue, a section of the strip at Ft. Lauderdale where gay men gather. By talking on our cellphones we were able to find Tristan laying on a towel in the light brown sand.

Tristan was born in Jamaica but immigrated to the United States with his family. He and Van had originally met in Washington, D.C., where Tristan had worked for several years.

They had had hooked up a few times but then Tristan had disappeared. Then a few years ago Van visited Ft. Lauderdale and hit a local bathhouse and ran into Tristan again and rekindled the friendship.

Tristan had warned Van he had put on a few pounds — evidently he had six-pack abs and bulging biceps back in the day. But the brown-skinned man laying on the towel was still handsome, with a little belly, bowlegs and a big smile.

“Hey Tristan,” Van said, embracing him. “This is my boyfriend Immanuel.”

“Hey Immanuel,” Tristan said, shaking my hand. He still had a soft Jamaican accent and a deep voice, which I found sexy.

We lay on the beach and played in the blue surf awhile. Van is not much of a swimmer but I am so I went back in the water. When I came back I noticed Tristan looking at me appreciatively and leaning over talking to Van. I thought nothing of it.

We planned to go out to lunch but our room was ready earlier than we expected so we decided to drop off our luggage first. Tristan followed us over and came up to the room. He admired the one-bedroom suite and kitchen. Then we sat on the sofa and chatted.

All afternoon Tristan had been bragging about what a freak he is and how he loved to give oral, so there was already some sexual tension. Just when I thought we were going to get up and go to lunch Tristan said, “Well, aren’t we going to play around?”

I grinned. Van had set up our first threesome of the vacation and I didn’t even know it. Matter of fact, Van later told me while I was in the water playing Tristan had been commenting on how sexy I was. For a man celebrating the big 5-0 birthday that was a huge compliment.

“Okay, why not? Let’s play,” I said.

Five minutes later we  were naked and in bed. Tristan dived on my dick while I lay back on the bed, sucking it down to the base and playing with my ass. This Jamaican wasn’t lying, he could suck dick.

Then I lay back while Van sucked on Tristan’s nipples and they connected tongues. It was hot to watch and my dick got harder. So I put on a condom, lubed up, pushed Van back on his back, climbed between his long track runner legs and started fucking.

Van’s moans are so sexy they make you want to fuck him even harder. So I did.

After awhile I stopped and Tristan started fucking Van missionary style. He had a nice bubble brown ass. It was sexy watching it bob up and down. So I played with it with my fingers and bent down and licked and lapped his ass.

“Ummm,” Tristan moaned.

When I came up for air Van motioned for me to lean forward so he could speak in my ear. “You can fuck him,” Van said.

Wow, I thought Tristan was a straight top. But he was verse.

So I put on another condom, squirted some lube on Tristan’s asshole, and slid up into him while he fucked Van. His ass was warm around my dick. I pushed in slowly till I felt my dick hit press that second hole. Then it popped through.

“Oooooh, nigger give me that dick,” Tristan moaned.

I smiled and thrust away harder. Tristan is a successful professional and was kind of buttoned down on the beach. It was hot to see him get off on my dick and say shit he would never say on the street.

The session ended with me laying on my back and Van riding me. Van jerked off while I fucked him and then shot nutt all the way up to my neck. Damn, he had never shot that far before. Then I jerked off and my nutt pooled on my stomach and navel.

Then Tristan jerked off and shot nutt over my chest. I was covered in cum.

“Damn, you guys messed me all up. I’m not used to this shit,” I said jokingly.

Van and Tristan just laughed.

“Usually it is me that gets the nutt all over me,” Van said.

I jumped up and hit the shower. What a great way to start a vacation.



    1. LOL I can explain. Van and I stayed at a hotel airport until the timeshare was ready. Van stays prepped becuz hey we have sex often. Tristan was ready because Van and him had arranged the 3sum before I knew it. We just came out the surf and showered by the beach to take off the sand.

    1. Sure. The rectum has a series of muscle rings. I guess the spacing differs by person. As a bottom relaxes during sex these rings relax and you can go deeper. When I was fucking Tristan only a few inches of my dick went in and then I could feel him relax and I pushed in deeper. The sensation felt like a “pop” on my penis head because it was like pushing up against a warm wall and have it suddenly open. Wow, I”m getting horny writing this and remembering lol.

  1. Butter

    I’ve heard that the insides felt vacuumy, like after the anal opening, it ‘s no longer as tight. That there was just this tightness around the base of the shaft, or on whatever part of the D the sphincter was in contact with?

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