Florida Swinging: Seducing the Straight Boy

Florida Swinging: Seducing the Straight Boy

“Arthur,” the older gay man I wrote about in “How Arthur Got a New Pair of Sneakers,” just happened to vacation in Florida the same time “Van” and I were.

And he brought along a few gay friends and his office assistant “Kendrick,” who Arthur insisted was straight as an arrow. We got together with Arthur for brunch at Rosie’s Bar and Grill, a popular gay hangout with great food, and parted ways.

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The next day Van and I hit the beach. We were walking back to our hotel when we ran into “Zack,” another friend of Arthur who we had met the day before,  and Kendrick.

I thought it was odd a handsome, straight, 24-year-old young man would be hanging around a middle-aged gay man, especially with all the fine women running around in bikinis.

“Everybody thinks we are lovers,” Zack joked. Kendrick just smiled shyly.

Kendrick is a slender, brown-skinned young man from North Carolina with a broad shoulders and a small waist. His eyes are a light shade of brown, and looked coppery in the bright Florida sun. His tongue is pierced and he had the classic thug look — sagging shorts with underwear showing, wife beater tee-shirt, and tattoos.

We had ice cream and then invited Zack and Kendrick back to our hotel room so Van and I could wash off the beach sand. We then planned to head out to a restaurant for lunch.

To make a long story short Zack ended up wanting more than a lunch excursion. “You guys are so sexy. I want to see what you look like in the bathing suits under your shorts.”

So he came back in the bedroom while we undressed and we ended up playing around a bit — just some oral and kissing etc. Then Van, Zack and I took a shower together and we played some more in the suds.

After awhile I stopped and got out. “Hey, this is kind of rude. Kendrick is sitting in the living room alone.”

So we got out and dressed and Zack sat down and talked with Kendrick. A few minutes later he walked back to the bedroom to talk to me.

“Kendrick is curious about having sex with a dude. I told him all we could do is some oral and body play and he seemed cool with that.”

“Uhh, I don’t know. Isn’t he supposed to be straight? Arthur said he has three babies by three different women.”

“Ah, just go ahead, try,” Zack said, grinning.

So I went to the dining room where Kendrick sat texting on his phone and invited him to the bedroom.

“Take my hand,” I said.

Kendrick again smiled shyly and  kept his eyes down. But he took my hand. And I led him to the bedroom.

I made him lay on his back on the bed and close his eyes. Then I pulled up his white tee-shirt and started licking his nipples. His body was beautiful and tight and he smelled faintly of sweat and salty air.

Van came into the bedroom. I glanced up and could see his surprise I was in bed with Kendrick. But Van jumped right into the scene and was soon licking Kendrick’s left nipple while I worked on the right.

Then I gently kissed Kendrick’s neck while he lay on his back with his eyes still closed.

I reached down and touched his crotch through his shorts. His dick was just a little hard.

I stopped the action. I didn’t have time for this. There were too many real gay men in Fort Lauderdale to be schooling a young man who probably didn’t know if he was straight or gay or bisexual or what.

“I’m sorry, I’m just not feeling this that much,” Kendrick said.

“It’s no problem man. It’s cool,” I said.

Kendrick didn’t have much money so Zack, Van and I gave him a few dollars to go out and eat and catch the bus back to the hotel. And we went out to hang at the gay spots.

“I think he just needs the right gay man to turn him out. Probably somebody closer to his own age,” I later said.

“I think the problem was it just wasn’t the right moment,” Van said. “I mean Zack was sitting outside and he is on a trip with his boss Arthur. I think under the right circumstances he would.”

“I think he is open to the thought of (gay sex). Otherwise he wouldn’t be hanging around gay men.”

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  1. Calvin

    He may or may not be gay/bi, but why bother chase down the doubtful? When (he’s)in doubt, do WITHOUT mayne! Cum get at someone like ME, who is REALLY interested ;0) #Willing&Able :0)

  2. Calvin

    He may or may not be gay/bi, but why bother chase down the doubtful? When (he’s)in doubt, do WITHOUT mayne! Cum get at someone like ME, who is REALLY interested ;0) #Willing&Able :0)

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