Florida Swinging: Fort Lauderdale’s Finest

Florida Swinging: Fort Lauderdale’s Finest

There is something sexy about a Black man in uniform. Here is a vintage photo of black policemen from Tyler Texas.
There is something sexy about a Black man in uniform. Here is a vintage photo of black policemen from Tyler Texas.

Monday was my last night in Florida — my flight was the leaving Fort Lauderdale airport at the crack of dawn on Tuesday.

I swear I had so much sex my dick was sore. And I was a little tired but hey I could rest after my vacation.

Plus Randall and I are Gemini’s — eternal teenagers at heart. And what did my Gay Horoscope Guide say about Geminis? Sexually we are always good, game and willing to go.

Randall had an associate in Florida he was dying for me to meet. A top who is a Fort Lauderdale policeman. So he set up a threesome for my last night.

“Teddy” arrived at the condo about 10 p.m. Dark-skinned and muscular — his upper torso had that classic cobra shape.

I could tell he was a policeman. He walked very upright and had an all-business, no nonsense air about him.

He sat next to me on the sofa while Randall got up and put some porn on his laptop. Then Randall came back, knelt on the floor, pulled Teddy’s dick out of his jeans and started sucking away.

It was hot to watch for a few minutes but I had to join in. Soon we were stripped naked in the living room — Randall on the floor sucking our dicks and Teddy and I standing playing with each other’s nipples.

I looked in his eyes. They were actually very friendly and warm. I leaned forward and touched his lips to mind. Surprisingly he kissed me back, flicking his tongue gently against mine.

A little later Teddy sucked my dick and I returned the favor.

The action moved into the bedroom. Randall knelt on the bed and pushed his ass up in the air.

“You go first Immanuel,” Teddy said.

So I condomed up, rubbed lube on my dick and into Randall’s ass, and started fucking. While I did so Teddy caressed me.

“Fuck him with that big dick,” Teddy said.

I banged into Randall doggy style for a while and then stepped aside and let Teddy have his turn.

His dick was not as long as mine but it was thick and curved to the left. He must have been hitting Randall’s walls just right because dude was moaning, punctuating the room with “ummms” and “ahhhs.”

The session ended with Teddy laying on his back with Randall riding him while I lay beside them and watched.

“You like my pussy on your dick, don’t you,” Randall said as he pumped his ass up and down on Teddy’s hips.


In a few minutes Teddy busted a nutt in his condom covered dick while it was stuck up Randall’s ass.

And I stood up in the bed, jacked off, and splattered hot nutt over the both of them.

What a nice way to end my trip to Florida.


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