Dodged a Bullet

Dodged a Bullet

Went to see the doctor. Everything is okay, just a urinary tract infection.
But I was scared straight…a condom will be on at all times…even for blowjobs.
My doctor is a cool guy. He knows I play. He just don’t know what with.
“Put a condom on, sir,” he says after examining my dick and ordering me to put my “hammer” back in my pants. “Ain’t no pussy worth dying for.”
I was mad busy today but later had time to arrange a threesome with a buddy and a slender, light-skinned bottom visiting from out of town. My burly, six-feet five buddy is well endowed too…we worked that bottom six ways from Sunday.
But before getting down I told the bottom, “You don’t know me and I don’t know you so a condom goes on at all time.”
He didn’t miss a blink. “They’re over there on the dresser,” he said, pointing his finger over my shoulder.
He wants me back later this week with my friend. He’s a cool brother, real cool. Maybe I’ll have time.


  1. Anonymous

    Im reading a lot of your blog backwards. I hope you really do take your doctor's advice. You really can do so much with your life. The emphasis placed on sex and the way you go about it, is not worth it. I think you need to find some new hobbies. These stakes are a bit much, one slip up and thats all you get and there will be no turning back.


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