Banging the Football Player

Banging the Football Player

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He had been hitting me up for months on Adam4Adam– this six-foot-six, 225-pound former college football player in his 30’s.

“I’m a top and you say you are a top, so what are you planning on doing,” I would ask him.

“Hey, I just like to freak man,” he would say.

“Open your private picture.”

He did and was very handsome, all brown-skinned and square-jawed. But weeks went by and nothing happened. Well at least not until today.

It is still snowing here, all businesses closed, so I am off work. “Van,” a guy that I date, decided to ride out the storm with me. He is a cool dude — we enjoy playing with others but turn the bedroom into the 4th of July when it’s just us two.

I went online and football player hit me up so we asked him over for a threesome.

He was so big it seemed he could barely fit up the narrow staircase to my bedroom. A little belly but his body was well proportioned.

I got busy eating out Van’s high, tight little dark ass while the football player sat at the foot of the bed and watched, stroking his thick dick. Occasionally he would take off an article of clothing but he still had on his white cotton T-shirt and socks.

“Are you going to join us?”

“Yeah, but I’m liking what I’m seeing.”

Eventually we got down to taking turns fucking Van, who moaned with appreciation.

“I want to see him ride your dick,” football player said.

“Sure we do that all the time,” I said, laughing. Van chuckled, too.

I lay on my back and Van climbed onboard and rode me, his tall slender body bobbing up and down. After awhile he stopped and went to the bathroom.

That’s when football player leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“I want you to fuck the shit out of me. But I’m shy and don’t like doing that in front of other people.”

“Soooo, that’s why this “top” has been hitting me up for months,” I thought.

“Oh, so you want to come back and get fucked,” I answered.

“Nah, we can do it now.”

It was a little odd fucking a dude who looked like Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens. He was four inches taller than me but had me by at least 25 pounds. But dude did have a phat ass.

I started by fucking football player from behind while he fucked Van missionary style.

“Go slow, take it easy. Owww,” he said as I eased it in.

But then the freak started coming in him. I swear his deep voice got a half octave higher.

“Ohhh, shit. Damn. That feels good.”

Van got so turned on he busted a nutt all over his stomach and went back to the bathroom to clean up.

While he was gone I made football player  lay on his back and I stood standing by the bed and did him missionary style. By now Van had come back in the room. He went back and forth nibbling on football’s players nipples and mine.

Then I fucked Van a little more and lay on my back and jacked off a thick, creamy snow day nutt.

Football player took some pics and videos with his phone. Here is a shot of me after shooting.

Me busting a big one.
Me busting a big one.


      1. Fortune Knowles

        Dude, you have all the fun huh?? Oh what I would not give to be a fly on your wall when all this hanky panky is going down!! Immanuel, please keep the updates flowing,they are the highlight of my days!!

  1. worst_1_yet

    For sure Immanuel . . . Do your thing. I like to think I have a sense of humor, haha. I get that a lot from people, as in Where are you from? / You’re not from around here are you? Not sure what it is? Just a freak I guess, which I am OK with! Hope all is well and you are staying warm and dry. Fucking snow. Man . . . Now about those ass pics . . . double smile. You’re fucking hot / cool. i like the way you live. Be well! xxx


  3. SpeakingTheTruth

    I’m verse and when ever I fuck with a top I always test the waters. I got that regular every day man look so the niggas be with it most of the time. Once I eat the ass and get it moist the boys with it😜😜😜

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