All in the Family

All in the Family

My buddy “Elliott” lives in a small town in rural Delaware. Most everybody knows everybody. So it’s hard for a gay man to find somebody to play with.

So Elliott was delighted when one day he went on Adam4Adam and found this hot, 37-year-old black guy living nearby named “Dominic.”

“I liked his profile on Adam and I hit him up,” Elliott said. “I didn’t know who he was. He didn’t have a picture and I didn’t have one either.”

First they found out they attended the same church. Then they met and discovered …they were first cousins once removed!

“My father and his grandmother are brothers and sisters,” Elliott said.

Did that stop them? Nope. Elliott and Dominic turned into partners in crime.

“We get hotel rooms in Rehobeth for the weekend on occasions — from Friday to Sunday,” Elliott texted me. “We invite white guys to the room and tag team them. LOL.”

Elliott, who is in his late 40s, admires his younger cousin because he is such a freak.

Dominic sports a cock ring, pierced nipples, a piercing between his asshole and his nutts, and a collection of sex toys that includes a fleshlight and fuckable man’s torso made of rubber.

Dominic, who prefers to fuck fuck white guys, can also fuck, cum, stay hard, and keep fucking, Elliott said.

A muscle butt white bottom Elliott and Dominic tag-teamed.
A muscle butt white bottom Elliott and Dominic tag-teamed.

“My cousin and I tag teamed this white bottom (in the photo above),” he said. “He was almost in tears. Moaning and groaning and trying to get away.”

But when they threesome Elliott and Dominic don’t touch each other. Well, except that one time when their dicks touched with they double penetrated this white bottom.

Because hey they are close cousins, but not that close.

Q: Readers, have you ever run into a family member when trying to hook up?


  1. Jmz

    No but I had a somewhat awkward situation where I met a guy on adam4adam and come find out he was friends with a significant other major no go after that when it comes to hook up sights.

  2. Well, damn. Now THAT is interesting. I’ve never had any run-ins with family on any kind of level, thank God. But every now and then, I’ll see a potential cutie or whatever but can’t holla at them b/c they know my people. There’s this FINE ASS latin dude who lives around the corner from me and, even if I had the balls to approach him, never would, because my auntie braids his hair. I’ve always been kinda selective about stuff like that I guess.


    1. Cogito I know what you mean. I have to be more careful of that two. I have a HUGE family. My maternal grandparents had like 12 kids and many of the descendants live in this area. At least two of my younger cousins are gay men in their 20s now. One of them had a profile. He didn’t hit me up but I knew it was him. A third cousin who was gay had a heart attack and died and a lot of his friends came to the family funeral. One of them I had hooked up with. That was awkward but I managed to keep it incognito. I just know the day is coming when I’m going to run into family in this life. I’m just praying it isn’t a sex party LOL!

  3. Gimme

    I crushed on a guy I didn’t know was my cousin. I have extended family that live States away. I didn’t know they existed up until a few years ago. My parents never mentioned them once. To make a long story short, I was working with him for a while, while also crushing on him heavy. He turned up at a family get together and boom, we find out we are cousins. I felt so dirty knowing that I wanted to and even fantasized about having sex with my cousin. It doesn’t answer your question correctly but I thought I’d share anyway.

  4. Fortune Knowles

    Wow….. I dread the day when that happens.
    Over the Christmas festivities, I happened to run into some dude at a family function and dude fell for me hard. He was my sister-in-law’s cousin and where I come from, that is practically incest and I wasn’t gonna have any of that,hell to the freaking no!
    Unfortunately I wasnt feeling him and again he is out to his family and he gets a bit flamboyant. I,on the other hand,Im discreet and closeted so this was not going to work.. Had to find a way to let him down easy.

  5. worst_1_yet

    I only have two cousins, one of whom I was crushing on HARD as a kid. Never went further than seeing his dick when he came out of the shower a time or two (nice) which is fine.

    On the other hand, I got a friend I hang out with from time to time (so we can see how the pieces still fit) He was over and pulled up a photo of his cousin who lives in my neighborhood. I was like . . . “Oh shit. That is a man I’ve been trying to talk to,” I think my friend was pissed because his cousin is younger, hotter, and “straight.” I clued him in on how “straight” I think his cousin is but yeah . . . small world.

    1. Funny how small a world it is. When I was a teenager and young adult two cousins and one stepbrother hit on me. My older cousin had been in prison for years and was at a family cookout. We were playing spades and when we got up a piece of paper fluttered off my lap to the ground. He had written his number on it. My aunt his mother walked up and picked up the paper and looked at him funny. I think she knew what was up. When I was 12 he babysat me once and asked his friends over to watch straight Porno films on old reels. It was the first time I ever saw people fucking. Guys would excuse themselves and go jerk off in the bathroom. I always wondered why he bought his boys over to watch porn. This cousin moved to Miami and I visited when I went down a few years back. He used to be hot but is overweight and hasn’t taken care of himself. my stepbrother was also in jail and when he was on parole lived with us. I was just out of college. He would try to massage me and one time,said “there is a new type of love I want to show you.” Just creepy as fuck. I was 22 and he was over 30. My stepfather, who treated me like a true son, knew what was up and made him leave. “You keep going in and out of prison because you like dick,” he said to his son. I appreciate my stepfather for protecting me. That dude had a girlfriend but was chasing me all over the house. I had no peace when he was there.

  6. Devin

    I always knew my step brother was gay and I was holding a conversation with 2 different ppl that fucked him.we was trying to have a three some and the dude sent me his pic. I was like well dam yo like to get fucked foreal.

  7. marcus

    I remember when I had just got out of high school and didn’t have a job my older sister asked me to move in with her and her husband so that I could put their 6 year old daughter on the school bus. They had to be work by 6 am. A openly flamboyant gay teenage guy about 16 years old lived in the area. I would see him at the bus stop but never spoke to him. I had never had sex with guys during that time. One day after school he stopped by my sister house to borrow sugar for his mother. I gave him the sugar and we started talking. Eventually the subject of sex came up and I remember him telling me he was attracted to guys. He started naming guys in the neighborhood that he been with sexually including my brother who is one year older than me and a # 1 player. I was shocked. He named high school football stars, players, and numerous guys I least expected him to name. I hate a guy that kiss and tell so in reality I was intrigued but turned off the conversation. He wasn’t my type anyway because he had two strikes against him from the get go. Flamboyant and a talkers. I never mentioned to anyone the guys he outed to me. All guy like to have their dicks sucked!!!!!. Lol

    1. Wow Marcus. Yep he was trying to add you to his conquest list. Good thing you didn’t fall for it. Sorry you had to find out about your brother that way but hey you are righr. Guys do like to get sucked off. That’s how I got started.

  8. SpeakingTheTruth

    Yes and I think I already told that story on a different comment. But I was on the party line back in the day and I was on the straight side trying to talk to bisexuals and my cousin was talking to the girls and herd my voice.

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