A Busy Week

A Busy Week

Okay, I get back from the beach and I’m back in my home environment. And all the dudes I swing with, who have been missing the dick for a week, are hitting me up. Plus I’m horny as hell. That young dude at the beach just whetted my appetite and made me want more.

So here’s how the week went down:


Yeah, I know its low-down being down-low on the Lord’s Day, but I did it.
I arrange online to meet an Army dude from out of town at my buddy “Andre’s” apartment. Andre was married at one time but left his wife and started experimenting with men and now lives a fully gay lifestyle. We freak a lot together and he lets me use his place to have sex as well.
Andre is an oral top. That means he likes to suck dick and eat ass like a champ but he really likes to fuck and be the dominant party.
He gets me warmed up before Army boy arrives, sucking my dick and eating my ass so well that white, creamy cum wells up in my dick and starts leaking out.
“Hey, hold on man, that Army guy is coming,” I say laughing. “I can’t bust yet.”
When Andre is having sex it’s like he goes to another zone. His voice changes, getting lower and softer and his eyes narrow. It’s like he is having a high better than cocaine and marijuana combined.
“Come on, bust that nutt for me,” he says.
I just smile and pull away.
The Army guy arrives. He has told me he is usually a top — the guy has a long, 10-inch dick with a pointy head — but today he wants to get fucked.So that’s what I do.
The dude is masculine with a broad chest and big arms from pumping iron. He has tattoos all over his brown skin and speaks in a slow, Tennessee drawl. I jump on him and eat his ass while Andre sucks his dick, his mouth sliding up and down that long thing. Army boy moans in pleasure.
Then I fuck him from behind, Andre watching with an approving smile on his face. Later Andre tries to mount him too but the Army guy says no. I learn later he only likes bigger dicks and Andre’s, while hard as rock, doesn’t meet his criteria.
The Army guy eventually busts so hard the nutt splatters over his chest and stomach. I’m pleased I was able to get him off so explosively.
But maybe I was too good for my own benefit.
For the next week Army boy will call and text and email me, trying to set up another fuck session for the following weekend. He even wants to phone bone with me once. I do it one time but when he tries to do it again I turn him down. He is a nice guy but a bit of pest. I think he is lonely and feels caged in living on a base miles out of town. But come on, guys in the military are some of the biggest down-low freaks there are. He shouldn’t have a problem hooking up.
“Damn man that dick was good, I want some more man,” Army guy tells me. “Look I’ll come up next week and get a hotel room.”
I’m so busy I can’t think that far ahead. Besides, I have a busy week ahead.


I have chatting for weeks online with a down-low brother that lives less than 10 miles from me. On Monday he is preparing to take his kids and some friends on a Las Vegas vacation. But he has time to meet. So I go over to his apartment.
He is busy online doing last-minute travel arrangements and I’m beginning to think this will just be a meet-and-greet and no sex. I look at the photos in his bedroom in living room. It is clear he has a lover — a dark-skinned dude of average height and looks. Is he cheating on his lover? I don’t ask.
We sit in the living room talking. The kids will be home soon. What the hell? I make my move. I stand up and walk over to him and lick his nipples and then pull off his shorts and eat his ass while he sits in his leather chair in front of his flat screen TV. “Judge Hatchett” plays in the background. He is a brown-skinned brother, a little thick around the middle but his handsome and has a dazzling smile. Plus I’m horny.
“Let’s take this in the bedroom,” he says.
We lay on the bed. I’m thinking this will just be foreplay. Some sucking dick and eating ass and jack-off to completion. But suddenly he stands up.
“Let me go get a condom just in case,” he says.
He goes into another room and brings back a condom and bottle of lube. And I fuck him six ways from Sunday, with him moaning as my long dick stabs him. Eventually I pull out my dick and we jack-off and bust big loads of nutt.
I shower and dress. He is much friendlier than when we first met.
“When you get back from Vegas look me up,” I say.
“I sure will, man,” he says, walking me to the door.


I take a lunch break and go online. A guy I have been chatting with online for two years but never met asks me over. It’s a half-hour drive but I can take a long lunch break and do that shit.
He is older than his profile is online but has a nice body and a friendly personality. And he is horny.
He answers the door naked under his blue, terry cloth bathrobe and asks me upstairs.
I eat his ass, getting it wet for my dick. Then I fuck him, speaking loudly. “Take that dick,” I say. “You know you’ve been wanting this shit.”
Unbeknownst to him I have dialed a married buddy on my cell phone and put the phone by the bed. My buddy is listening to the bed squeak and me fucking him and he is at home, getting his jollies. The fact I am being listened to excites the freak and me and makes the sex better.
After we come I listen to this guy’s story. He has a son living with him and a nephew. The son knows his father is gay and likes to take dick, so the scene is cool.
He is also laid off from his job (President Bush left a lot of folks fucked up, didn’t he?) and has a lot of time on his hands now.
“Well whenever you want me back let me know,” I say. But I have so many regulars I wonder when that will happen again.


A long-time buddy “Brandon” asks me to lunch. Brandon is very down-low and masculine. He is a former Air Force enlistee and works in computers. He had a long-time girlfriend but when she got serious and wanted to get married Brandon dropped her abruptly.
He never told her he likes fucking ass maybe better than fucking pussy. But that really isn’t her business and Brandon likes to keep his shit on the ultra-downlow. So she is still in the dark.
I go to his condo for lunch but he doesn’t want to go out and he serves me vodka and cranberry juice before noon. So I know wassup. I get high on the drink and walk over to where he is sitting and kiss and him and say, “Come on, lets do this.”
He is a brown-skinned dude with a handsome, honest, open face. He is not very tall but he is so confident and assured he might as well be seven-feet tall. And his voice is deep and resonant.
“Let me have another drink,” he says.
We are both tops but we play with each other, doing non-penetrative things, and it’s hot. He likes my long legs and high tight ass. I guess I remind him of the first guy he can remember being strongly attracted to — a high school basketball player. He has asked to fuck me and I toy with the idea although I’m really not feeling that. But I like him and respect him as a friend.
Plus, I’ve peed on niggers and slapped them around when I had sex with them because they were freaky like that. Why not give some ass to a buddy?
But Brandon doesn’t insist on it although I ask him if he wants to try. Part of me is relieved he doesn’t press the issue.
“You’ll be back again,” he said, adding that we can do that another time.
As soon as we bust the nutt and wash up Brandon is ready for me to go and rushes me out. He likes his privacy, does not want to encourage attachments, and I respect that. Plus I value his friendship — we talk at least two times a week about anything from politics to Beyonce.
He walks me to my car and I take off to get back to my life and let him get back to his.
“Take care baby boy,” he says. “I love you.”


A married military guy I have hooked up with calls. It’s been more than a minute since “Edward” and I hooked up. His wife is a businesswoman and is away on an extended trip so he is free to play.
“I miss hearing your voice,” he says. So I know what the deal is. Time to go back and bust that nutt with him again.
I work out at the gym several nights a week but on Thursday I make a detour to Edward’s house instead.
To be honest I had also been asked Thursday evening to a sex party at a hotel hosted by a white guy who only likes black guys with 10 inches of dick aor more. There is supposed to be a guy there with 13 inches of dick and another with 11 inches.
But I really don’t feel like playing Mandingo to some dick-crazy white boy. Shit to be honest I don’t even like white guys. I’d rather play with Edward.
I have been to Edward’s home before and know the layout but I try to be respectful. I let him lead the way to the bedroom.
“You know the way,” Edward jokes. “Just go on up.”
I love eating his ass and I get right to it. He is a brown-skinned dude about five feet nine inches with a compact, tight body and a bubble butt. He works out and looks good, although he claims his body has looked much better. I don’t care. I could eat his ass all day. It’s just that beautiful.
We do the usual. Oral and body play and frottage and jacking off. He says he wants me to fuck him but my dick is too big. When fully erect it is 10 inches and thick.
He wants me to bust on him so I cum on the side of his face while he is lapping my balls. His tongue feels so good I cum loudly, moaning.
Edward doesn’t judge my busy lifestyle juggling family and home and sexing men. After we cum he says he wants to see me fuck two of his friends. Don’t worry. He will set the shit up.
I think to myself. “Damn, I don’t think I can add on another sex partner. I’m getting tired.”

But tomorrow is another day…


A married brother “Darren” that lives just four miles from my house contacts me online in the morning. His wife and kids are gone to Seattle to visit family and his house is free.
“Do you want me to come over,” I ask.
“Yes, now,” Darren says.
“Be there in 20 minutes,” I say.
He leaves the door open so I walk right in. We go up to the guest bedroom and get at it. Darren is small brother with dreadlocks that hang to his shoulders. It is hot when I am fucking him and he whips the dreadlocks back off his face so I can see his expression of ecstasy.
He is very masculine and businesslike in public and I like that. But when we’re in the bedroom he moans and groans and pumps his ass back on my dick, making it rock hard.
“Damn, that’s a big dick, Immanuel,” he says. “Are you going to open me up?”
We fuck doggy style, missionary style, on the floor, on the bed. He is tight at first but gets looser and looser. I push my dick sideways into the walls of his ass, making him moan.
I have to admit this dude is good. He knows how to make sex hot. I think it’s because we are married and don’t have that much time. You have to get your freak on when opportunity permits and make it good.
He showers while I dress and we talk. Darren says he has been logging onto to gay sex hookup sites on his office computer.
“Man, don’t do that,” I advise. “They trace that shit. Times are hard and a lot of people are getting laid off. You don’t want to lose a job. I know a guy who did.”
He says he will try to stop. But I understand how he feels. Sex gets to be like a drug, an addiction. I think its time we all slowed down.


  1. Anonymous

    “But I understand how he feels. Sex gets to be like a drug, an addiction. I think its time we all slowed down.”


    I really hope you remember that you wrote this from your own mind. Ive been bouncing back n forth from the present posts and here and not much has seemed to change. You have a very good sex life, but I think sex has consumed you. I know you may not think so, but even your own words and stories and this chronicle of your weekly events would prove so. Brotha something has got to give. You can do so much more. You tear ass up, but from the reads….the ass is swallowing you whole in a consuming sense as I said before.

    Think of it like this, You've got so much to offer but when you find that guy that you really like beyond sex, how will you prove to him your sincerity? That man will come along that will not be interested in your sexual life and fantasies off the back. That man of substance will take your heart man and sadly you may end up fighting hard to get him to understand you, but this is the image YOU have created for yourself. There is always a choice. Seek help if you think you are getting a bit too happy.

    You're a great story teller but I think to be honest, thats all it really is, a good nut, a good story… what?

    I just kind of think of you like a used car, after its got so many miles, Who really wants to drive that thing? Who's even going to try to sell it when it can no longer sell itself?

    I know you can do better than this Immanuel, I'm reading your blog and I can see that through your words.


    P.S. Look if you ever want to talk through Email, I'd be glad to do so. Just hit me up back in your comments. I'll be checking to see.

    Take Care Sir.

    -Some Wise Words,

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