Preacher Man Has VD

Preacher Man Has VD

“Preacher Man” is a married minister of a large, nearby congregation who I fuck sometimes. His sexual urges are insatiable. He can go for hours.

And he travels a great deal, using his time away from home to take on all comers. Sometimes I wonder whether he practices safe sex with a condom on at all times. On Wednesday I discovered apparently not.

He sent a text message on my phone, urging me to call him immediately. No one was around so I did.

“I just got some bad news from the doctor,” he said. “He took a blood test and found out I have syphilis. I didn’t even know I had it.”

I stayed calm. I had had sex with him about two weeks before but wore a condom. Still, he had sucked my dick very briefly. Syphilis can be transmitted through oral sex.

“Okay, I’ll go to my doctor tomorrow and get checked out,” I said. “Thanks for letting me know.”

I didn’t worry that I might have given the disease to my wife. We agreed to separate months ago and have not had sex since then. We are friendly and cordial and keep the house running but as I have written before our marriage is on the way out. I am grateful I don’t have to tell her I gave her something nasty.

The next day I went to see “Dr. Freeland.” He has been my doctor for years and I am open to him about my sexual habits. Freeland, who I think just separated from his wife, is sympathetic.He advises me on how to stay safe and doesn’t hesitate to give me tests if I need them.

So I told him about the syphilis incident with a sex partner and he drew blood to take the test. I have small veins and giving blood can be torture. But he is so good at it I barely feel the needle pinch into my arm.

“The test should be back by Friday,” he says.

He examines me. “I don’t think you have it. You would have known by now,” he said. “But remember, keep that dick wrapped up.”

I know he will call me if I have the disease and prescribe antibiotics over the phone. Otherwise I won’t hear from him. Two days have passed and no phone call so I know I am clear.

Being down-low and getting sex can be fun but this incident brought home the risks. If a minister can expose you to a venereal disease anybody can.

In the four or five days since Preacher Man called I haven’t wanted to have sex at all. I’m turning them down right and left.

This has cooled me down, which is a good thing. It’s God telling me it’s time to get my life in order and do the right thing for once.


  1. Anonymous

    Might not be so fortunate next time. I think you need to do some soul searching. These kinds of close calls with promiscuity may not be so nice next time. I would not want to wish anything bad on you, but you're old enough to know it cant go on this way. Not just for a nut!

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