Hooking Up in the Park

Hooking Up in the Park

About a mile away from where I live is a city park where during the day mothers and nannies take babies on walks in strollers, children play on monkey bars, and guys flip frisbies for their dogs to catch.

But at night, in the dead hours past midnight when most folks sleep, the park changes. Men meet there and hook up, giving each other blow jobs while leaning against the monkey bars where just hours before innocent children swung.

My buddy “Malcolm” and I went to a party and a gay club during the July 4th weekend. While driving me back to my car so I could go home Malcolm turned and said.

“Hey there is one more thing I have to show you about gay life. There is park where guys go cruising after the clubs close.”

“Oh, really?”

My curiousity was piqued but at the same time I was a little leery. Another buddy, “Andre,” had told me about how he got arrested by police at another notorious night time gay cruising spot on the other side of town.

But it was early in the morning and I was down for an adventure. The night was humid and warm and sky was smooth as black velvet. Malcolm parked his car and we split up after he gave me a brief schooling on park hook-up etiquette. At first I couldn’t see anybody in the gloom but before too long I was suprised to see at least half a dozen dudes there, lounging on park benches and playground equipment like daytime park visitors.

They gave each other other furtive glances. I felt eyes staring at me as I walked down a sidewalk lined with old, spreading pin oak trees.

I have to admit the scene was titillating. Because you knew why you were in the park. The tension was hotter than a sex club.

A dark-skinned, muscular guy began following me down the dim path. I turned and he nodded in greeting. His skin was so dark it looked almost as black as the night sky against his white t-shirt and white baseball cap.

“Wassup man?”

“Hey, wassup,” I answered.

He smiled. His teeth were big and white and even.

He motioned for me to follow him and I did, about 10 paces behind. I followed him across the street to rowhouses that overlooked the park and down an alley behind the houses. He looked like he knew where he was going.

We stopped in a dark part of the alley where there was no street lamp and he cupped my bulging crotch and invited me to undo my zipper. I looked around for a moment at the dim windows of the row houses around us.

“What if I neighbor wakes up and catches up out here,” I thought. “Or a kid wakes up and looks out his bedroom window and sees some sex act he shouldn’t. I don’t see where we can run if the cops come.”

But the whole scene, the risk of getting caught, the rush from getting sex outside in the warm night air, was intoxicating. So I pulled my hard dick out and Dark Skin dropped to his knees, turned his baseball cap around so the brim wasn’t in the way, and started sucking the shit out of my dick.

I stood with my legs spread wide while his head bobbed. It was silent except for the sloshy, slurping sound of his skilled mouth on my dick.

Then he got up, pulled up my shirt and started licking and nibbling my nipples, which tingled from the wetness of his tongue and the night air. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the feeling. I was in the zone. That is until I heard footsteps and my heart jumped in my chest!

Another guy had followed us from the park and stood a few feet away watching. I saw in his eyes he wanted to invite himself to join us in a dirty back-alley threesome. Dark Skin and I abruptly broke our embrace and just stared at the intruder.

“He tried to hit on me back in the park but I turned him down,” Dark Skin whispered. “He probably followed me. Look, let’s go to my place.”

“Hey man I came with a friend. He was driving me back to my car a mile away.”

“Don’t worry. You are hot man. I want to sex you good at my place. Call your friend. Tell him I will drive you back to your car.”

Around the same time Malcolm texted me by cellphone to check on how I was doing. He saw I had gotten a hookup and wanted to make sure I was safe. I told him about my plans.

“Oh, I know that dude, we have hooked up before,” Malcolm said. “He has a little dick and is always looking for a relationship but has some good ass.”

Malcolm was right.

NOTE: Readers, I have not been back to the park and don’t plan to. You really run serious risks hooking up in public spaces. You risk being accosted, robbed, raped or murdered. Fortunately I had Malcolm there and we could check on each other. The other risk is arrest. In fact DeFarra Gaymon, a father of four and the CEO of Credit Union of Atlanta, was shot to death by police just a few weeks after my adventure in a New Jersey park known as a gay cruising spot. Police said Gaymon allegedly propositioned an undercover cop for sex and then assaulted the officer and tried to run when the policeman identified himself. I guess being down-low can be deadly.

                                                                 DeFarra Gaymon


  1. Okay I really had to smile, at this post. I truly have a stupid grin on my face, so I decided to say something. This reminds me of not one but actually two threesomes I have had and talked about.
    In the first one, I was kinda the guy who interrupted the party, in the alley. Except I hadn't hit on anyone earlier. I just followed, to see what was up with them two and to watched, and later joined in.
    The second time the party started else where until someone mentioned about taking it to a park know like this.
    I guess every city has a park like that. Now in my city, it isn't exactly 10-20 dudes hanging around, but more so men in cars. Sometimes they are out of their cars doing it, like we did. It's a huge park, with body of water. For a while I heard about police hanging around there a lot.

    You are right, there are a lot of risk to it. I would say keep most of your money in your car. Think about the person a lot. Follow your instinct. If they look sketching, follow that instinct and keep moving.

    If what the police say is accurate about Defarra Gaymon, then it's sad. It's sad what some DL men go through. I blame it on fear. He was scarred about what a scandal like that would do to him, his family, his career. You should never run. It would most likely be a slap on the wrist. In the end, he lost his life and it all still came out about him.

    The park that's in my city is more guys in their cars, and not a bunch of dudes hanging around. I have written down a license plate, just in case someone seemed…not trust worthy.

  2. Wow. This is an interesting blog post. And it's funny your boy knew the guy you connected with and told you all the “T” about him. TOO FUNNY. LOL

    So that means homeboy is a regular at the park, which is, mmm kind of sad in a way. If he was “all that”, why resort to just the partk.

    But seems like you had fun though 🙂

  3. Why did I lol at this post? It kills me how the most masculine, body-built black men are the MAIN ones on their knees ready to slob! smh, and people are under the illusion that it's always the feminine guy who's the gay one, when it's really the captain of the football team who's the real queen.

    I agree, those kind of hookups always run their risks. I've never done that, but I am guilty of meeting a guy from online once. It was awesome, but he kept on wanting to hit and I was soooo over it by then. So, I guess you have your toss up of loonies as well.


  4. thirdnlong

    The key word is careful. I know dozens of NFL players who this is one of their only outlets and the Gaymon case is tragic. I used to see him in the early am while walking the dog and without a dog or in workout/running clothes you immeditely new what was up…

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