Phone Boning with Idris

Phone Boning with Idris

I met “Idris” online just a few days ago. We went around and around awhile and then picked up the phone and instantly connected. We’re fast becoming friends and potential freak buddies.

Idris is a professional who sometimes works at home. I emailed him my face picture so he knows how I look and he sent me his so I know how he looks. Brown-skinned. high cheek bones. A dazzling smile that looks like he can make mischief.

Idris has a steady girlfriend but swings with the fellas sometimes. His play hours are limited and he lives an hour drive away so it will be rare when we have time to meet. But that doesn’t stop us from communicating by phone, text message and by emailing at a men’s online sex hook-up site.

I was busy in the city today but decided to call Idris when I got home and took a break. I called him while I lay in bed, absentmindedly rubbing my dick.

“Hey Idris, what’s up man?”
“Hey Immanuel, I’m at the bank waiting in line,” he said.
“Guess what I”m doing,” I asked. My voice was getting deep and husky. He knew what I had in mind.
“Look man, I’m wearing sweatpants. I don’t want my dick sticking out in the bank line.”
I laughed.

What I like about Idris is the man is intelligent and we can talk about anything. Sex. Down-low culture. Fraternities. Track and field. Our first hookups with dudes. You name it. But I had no idea what an imaginative freak and first class phone boner he was. I was about to find out.

He quickly got his financial business done in the bank and went and sat in his car so we could really get down to business of sex.

“Pull that dick out and slap it on the phone. I want to hear that shit,” he commanded in a tone I had never heard before.

By now I had gone into a bathroom, closed and locked door, turned on the fan, turned off the lights, stripped naked and laid on the floor. I crooked the phone receiver against my ear so my hands were free. I started stroking my dick like crazy. And I followed Idris’ directions to the letter. It was clear this brother knew what he was doing.

“I wish I was there, licking the head of that long, ashy black dick, getting it wet,” he said.

Damn, I thought. My dick soon got rock hard. I mean it was at full attention. I reached for container of moisturizer, slathered some of the cream on my dick to get it slicker, and kept stroking, letting Idris’ voice take me to the edge of orgasm.

He described in detail what he would do when we met. How he would eat my ass, my balls, suck my dick, and put my stiff dick in his ass and work it slowly into his body. Idris is very masculine and mostly a top. From his photos his body is tight. The thought that he would give me some of that ass, even if just a fantasy, was all it took.

All I could think about was him working that tight ass on my dick. That was it. I was going to bust!

My dick starting squirting nutt as I moaned on the phone. My cum looked like lava flowing from a volcano. My bodied tensed, got hard as a rock,and then relaxed as the orgasm waves rolled over me. I could barely hear Idris talking. I was in the zone. You guys know what I mean.

“Did you cum,” Idris asked.
“Hell yeah. It’s all over my hand,” I said as I got up to wash up.

Later Idris emailed me. “You owe me a nutt,” he said.
“Shit man, I owe you two nutts,” I answered.

Idris, I know you read my blog. Thanks for helping a brother out today. Smile.

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