Michael Jackson was gay? Duh!

Michael Jackson was gay? Duh!

Michael Jackson will likely be the biggest entertainer the world will ever know. But when it came to being a down-low brother, MJ was probably the biggest failure.

Michael tried to project an image of heterosexuality but failed abysmally. He married twice and danced and sang with some of the sexiest women in the world in his videos — Ola Ray, Iman, Naomi Campbell. But Michael never fooled me and my buddies. We always considered him gay.

I was at a college sophomore in 1983 when his album “Thriller” was rocketing up the charts. I remember going to a party the night the video premiered. The music and dancing stopped so everyone could gather around the television to watch.

It was a masterpiece. The music was catchy. The choreography was tight. But the jokes were flying at the party. There was no way anyone believed Michael was really into fine-ass Ola Ray in those skin-tight pedal pushers and “fuck-me” pumps.

“I’m not like other guys,” Michael said to Ola at one point in the video.

The party erupted in derisive laughter. “No Michael, you are not like the other guys! You’re more like the other girls!” I remember one guy shouting above the laughs.

Sure it was cruel. Now that I am a down-low brother I can sympathize with men who hide their sexual orientation to be accepted by society. And Michael definitely had his reasons.

The 80’s was a decade when adrogyny, at least among music artists, became the rage. Prince pranced around in high-heel boots, eyeliner and his ass cheeks exposed to the world. And Boy George’s makeup was flawless.

But if Michael had come out of the closet then his record sales might have plummeted. Because most of his fan base in the 1980s became young white adults. Young black folks my age were moving into hip-hop, a decidedly more masculine musical style. Michael Jackson’s airy pop just couldn’t compete against the driving beat and social messages of rappers such as Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, LL Cool J and later Public Enemy.

Remember LL Cool J’s rap from “Rock the Bells.” LL openly ridiculed Prince, Michael Jackson and that whole “Is-he-gay-or-straight?” image they were pushing. Which come to think of it is really ironic considering there are now persistent rulers LL swings with men and women.

“So all you jerry-curl suckers wearin’ high-heel boots. Like ballerinas, what I mean is you’re a fruit-loop troop…Do you like Michael Jackson, we like Cool J.”

Still, I have to empathize with Michael’s plight. His family life must have been torture. His father Joe Jackson allegedly ridiculed him about his appearance. I’m sure he put Michael Jackson down about his perceived sexuality as well.

His brothers weren’t much better, although they owed their mansions to Michael. Jermaine Jackson in 2006 said his brothers thought Michael was gay because he wasn’t bedding all those groupies who flocked to the Jackson 5’s hotel rooms after concerts. “We used to say quietly that we couldn’t have a gay brother,” Jermaine told a reporter.

Yeah, Michael wasn’t fooling anyone. Not even family. With the plastic surgery, make-up and wigs his looks became more and more feminine as the 80’s ended and 90’s began. His voice got higher. When he married Lisa Marie Presley and kissed her on national television I cringed. It just didn’t look natural. It looked like like a jaded publicity stunt.

I think one of the saddest things about Michael was his self delusion. Did he really think he was fooling anybody?

Now news on his sexuality is starting to surface. Biographer Ian Halperin has interviewed some of Michael’s lovers. According to Halperin, Michael liked younger men but did not molest children. His lovers included a waiter, aspiring actor and construction worker. Michael would even dress in disguise (as a woman — not a stretch for Michael!) to see his lovers and was sneaking men into his rooms almost up to his death, Halperin said.

To read more from Halperin go to this link:

Would Michael have been more happy and at peace if he had come out of the closet? I would like to think he probably would have but he would have been far less wealthy and not the cultural icon he became. I know many brothers who like Michael obscure their sexuality to maintain a public personna and a more affluent, comfortable lifestyle.

Is it worth it? I guess each of us has to answer that question for himself.


  1. Anonymous

    well in truth NO ON KNOWS= there are people who are Michael to come out-esp.inlater times when it was not that big of a deal=and he wasnt as worried about seeling records-seems to me Michael was probabaly unable to have a realtionshop with anyone.that Halperin book? i wouldnt put too much stock in that-there are alreday too many discrepancies in it. just a more dsolid tabloiud newspaper with bindings…
    no one knows what Michale did or diodnt do he was so sexy to both sexes he couldhave had ANYONE he wanted -anyhtimne. its seems to me -maybe hje saw too much asd a kid with his bnrothers it may have disgusted him to sex completely.

  2. Anonymous

    well in truth NO ONE KNOWS= it would not have been difficult for
    Michael to come out-esp.inlater times when it was not that big of a deal=and he wasnt as worried about selling records-seems to me Michael was probabaly unable to have a relationship with anyone.that Halperin book? i wouldnt put too much stock in that-there are already too many discrepancies in it. just a more solid tabloid newspaper with bindings…
    no one knows what Michael did or didnt do he was so sexy to both sexes he could have had ANYONE he wanted -anytime. its seems to me -maybe he saw too much as a kid with his brothers it may have disgusted him to sex completely
    he was obviously NOT worried about what people thought of him on any other level he changed his looks continually and HAd to kinow poieple were making fun of him -so what would he worry about coming out? epsecially inthe 2000's?
    just wouldnt have been that big of a Deal-like youn say many people thought it anyhow=so probaly folks would have just accepted it.
    i have a feeling mkichale was numb to most normal stuff after a whwil that is whjy he retreated to being reclusive.=he seemd to always be alone or with his kids . and most of the time i think /Michale was only in love with himself and i dont mena that in a nasty way he was like mosty crersative people musicians and it was probabaly harder and harder for anyone to breal thru to him

  3. peter

    I think he was a victim of his educatoin and upbringing.As a kid he was very strict jehova witness and very shy.In the 80s he was probably confuse dan dcurious towards sex,women and men. They found a lot of porn in neverland,I beleive he was very insecure about his body with vitiligo etc so he avoidedintimacy. I also think it took him a long time to accept he liked men,becuase of his morals.
    I can see a misoginy feeling starting in the 90s,he was probably blaming on women instead of accept his homosexuality. That homosexuality and feminine side was showing more and more in his esthetics and body language til he almost looked like a transgender.not an androginous but a trans. His mind refused to accept it but that part of him was showing in his looks and his music. Finally in the early 2000s Michael was having sex with men or kids,thats a fact cause they found semen from several men in his mattress in 2003,and no female fluids of any kind. By that time it was obvious,there had not been a girlfriend since lisa marie almost 10 years before.He looked like a drag queen and adopted kids…it was clear as water he was a gay single man with kids. Addicted to drugs and alcohol and terrified to face the old Michael Jackson.He could no longer represent that energetic young androgynous guy with sex appeal. The old Michael ahd the girls crazy even with all that make up on,but now he was fully gay,and it showed.I can see it in the This is it film,his body language.He didnt look gay in the HIstory tour,even with all that make up,but he looked gay on this is it.
    The question is was he always gay from day one? Probably cause any regular teenager would gladly grab a pair of tits during those J5 tours.If he didnt there has to be a reason..its clear as water he was gay,it just took him a lot of time to face it. Ima DL dude myself now.I started 30 years old,I got a thing for oral I like women more but I always had a curiosity for u know what. So I can understand Michael. You all know what happens wwith that curiosity,once you open that door theres no turn back.And growing up in hollywood what do u expected to happen to him being so cute surounded by gay celebs and under the effects of plastic surgery drugs most of the time? they took advantage of the little kid. He was not mature enough when he left Encino.With all the money and fame came the drugs friends etc.
    I beleive the magic we get from his albums before the 90s,the very reason of that magic was his virginity.He was not straight or gay he was both things at the same time and none of them too.And that wonderment is in his voice.You dont get that in later albums.
    I wanted so hard to believe he was not gay but by forgiving him I forgive myself.Yes Mj was a D sucker just like me,and it doesnt makehime less of an artist.I cant judge him cause I get down on my knees too.RIP King

  4. peter

    coming out of the closet was not an option..he dedicated his entire life to become the greatest entertainer of all time and he was not going to ruin that by comin out of the closet. You are talking about a guy who altered his whole body to be loved by the masses…Society is very hypocrite,no matter how many times people say it doesnt matter..look what happened to George michael,he never was able to return to that stardom even though he released wonderful music.
    He did what he had to do,he worked hard to make his dream come true and also had fun in his private life like anyone else.Did he lie to the whole world? Yes
    But the world loved him so much and I believe as hard and difficult it was for Michael to accept his interest in men, I think it was equally difficult for the world to admit he was gayso we looked the other way and avoided the matter. Still today people think he died virgin,they claim he was asexual,that he was the peter pan that never grew up…anything but accept that their poster teenage crush or their sons musical idol got down on his knees. Its a disgusting picture nobody wants to picture in their mind..not our Michael,our beautiful sweet innocent Michael..our black superhero…this is the truth and the only reason why Michael was able to do everything he did in front of our eyes wihout anybody sayin…hy wait a minute this dude is a fag… He came out with remember the time,looking like a girl and nobody said nothing.We just danced the hell out of the song…
    Somebody said he was only lying to himself…no ,it actually worked. The gay comments have been most of them after his dead,people commented on his skin,plastic surgery or his children or child abuse.but nobody was comenting about he being gay. He was a master of PR cause anybody looking like that would be call straight fag right away.when you see the picture they took when they arrested him…my mum went…Oh my god…with his lips tatooed etc it was hard to believe that tranny looking guy was Michael Jackson..but still…she kept believing he was asexual

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