Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby?

Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby?

So blog readers ask me. How is the one-on-one thing going with Idris?

Its only been a few weeks but I don’t think very well. Between our women, jobs, kids, homes, bills — who has time to meet?

We had planned a rendezvous for last Tuesday, but he wasn’t available due to his job. The next day I was downtown and offered too meet for lunch, but he was busy at work. Then Idris flew off for the weekend to visit relatives in the Midwest.

My friends in the down-low world give me their advice. “He just wanted to lock you down,” Andre says. “Some guys get off on capturing the guy everybody wants to have. Now that he has you he won’t be interested.”

“Well, it’s all good. Fair is fair,” I think to myself after hearing Andre say that. “Even players get played sometime.”

Another buddy “Robert” is married and down-low and has tried the relationship route before. “Immanuel, that only works when you live very close,” he advises me. “That’s the only way you can spend any time.”

Idris lives 35 miles from me. That can be an hour trip each way. Who has the time to do that?

Idris and I finally catch up with each other today via cell phone texting. We exchange pleasantries at first but I need clarity.

“Did u miss me nigga or do u want to end this one on one arrangement?,” I ask.

“I miss you, but I’m not sure where we stand,” Idris answers. “Its become clear to me that it will be very difficult to carry on two relationships at one time. I’m just not savvy enough to keep everybody happy.”

“It’s cool man…no sweat..we can continue to be friends,” I write.

“Did you mean it?”

“I desire u ….i want u… i want to know u better… but realistically how often can we meet?,” I text.

Then I drop this line: “Are u serious about continuing to try or are u over the initial fascination? If u r it is cool i understand.”

It takes Idris a long time to answer. Like 15 minutes.

“Let’s see how things go,” he finally texts.

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