The Horoscope Was Correct

The Horoscope Was Correct

Well, my Monday Gemini horoscope was right. It said if I am let down someone will make it up to me shortly.

“Oliver” texted me on Monday and we worked out the funky situation that happened on Sunday. I had drinks at my place with a few friends on Monday night and he dropped by and after everyone left we made up. And that making up was very sweet and intense.

Still, it was a lesson for me. Live my life and let things flow as they are meant to. Take it easy and let shit develop although being a Gemini I tend to move fast.

I have a bunch of stuff planned for this evening — some reading to catch up on, a support group meeting, perhaps a gym work out or a sex work out. Who knows?

A friend of mine is vacationing in Orlando and calls to see how I am. I tell him about my recent adventures.

“What do you want?”, “Jack” asks me.

I misunderstand the question and tell him what kind of gay guy I like — somebody I can be a partner with and is not feminine.

“No, Immanuel, that’s not what I’m asking. Are you looking for a relationship?”

I tell Jack no but deep down I’m ambivalent. If it happens it happens. If it doesn’t no sweat. I like being a loner too. I don’t get bored or insecure hanging with myself because I’m a Gemini and always have a twin to keep me company.

“Well, man, take it slow,”  he advises. “You are just separating from your wife. So don’t rush into anything.”

He is right. My life is mine to shape and form. God shaped us all but gave us free will. I pray I make the right decisions.


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