Immanuel in the Flesh

Immanuel in the Flesh

To celebrate my upcoming birthday I had considered doing an erotic photo shoot. I am entering my late 40s — I may never look as good as I do now.
Today I got an early birthday present.
It was a sunny crisp Sunday afternoon and my buddy “Leo” dropped by to visit and take me out for a drink. He does professional photography but wants to do erotic shots. Before we left my place we started talking about photography and an idea popped in my mind.
“Could you take my photo,” I asked.

“Sure, come on,” he said.
So he made me put on a white shirt and tie and take a few shots in front of a sunny window. Then he asked me to move to the shower and urged me to get wet. He was happy with the results and emailed them to me.

So blog readers here are some shots of the real Immanuel (sorry, but I’m not ready to show my face!) And if you want to use “Leo’s” services contact!


  1. I like the pics where your dick is hanging out of your slacks. I'm a HUGE crotch watcher and seeing a mans dick hanging out of his pants or boxers is a big turn on for me. If he's wearing a suit and tie you can stick a fork in me because I'm done and ready to explode!

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