I Fell Off the Wagon — But It Was Worth It!

I Fell Off the Wagon — But It Was Worth It!

I talked to my buddy Andre today and told him I was taking a break from man-on-man sex.

“I’ve heard that before,” he said with a touch of weariness in his voice. “You’ll be back at it soon. Go out there and go get some ass.”

Well, I go online this morning fully intending to mind my business and not troll for sex. But the flesh is weak. This young guy hits me up who lives just 15 minutes from home. I had never seen him online before. And he doesn’t throw a lot of bull — he is ready for me to come over NOW!

I telephone “Elijah” and he has a deep, masculine, resonate voice. So I know I won’t be hooking up with a queen. And he has only one condition for hooking up.

“Do you like to eat ass, Pa?,” he asks.
“Hell yeah I do,” I answer.
“Cool,” he responds.
“I’ll see you in a half hour,” I say.

Elijah’s apartment is on the top floor of a three-story building and I go bounding up and knock on his door, all breathless. I’m feeling recharged and horny already. He answers the door. Elijah is 33 years old, about five-feet five, with dark chocolate skin and a flashing smile with big white teeth. He has small, chiseled features and full, sensual lips. His head is shaved.

Elijah is sexy because he looks so normal and masculine. He even has a little belly. I mean, this is a dude you can go on the basketball court with or hang out at the bar and sling back Coronas with. Unclockable.

“Do you mind if I use the bathroom?” I ask after greeting him.

“Sure,” he answers, pointing the way.

I had showered but forgot to put on deoderant so my underarms are a little funky. I freshen up and walk back in the living room.

I find Elijah is sitting back on his dark brown leather sofa, stroking his dick. His erection strains against the front of his nylon shorts. The size suprises me. How come shorter niggas always got big dicks, I think to myself.

Elijah looks me dead in the eye.

“So where do you want to do this,” I ask. Elijah leads me to his darkened bedroom. Mary, Mary’s new song — “The God in Me” — plays in the background.

Elijah had put in a request for me to eat his plump ass and I get to work. He lays back on the bed and I bury my face in it, lapping and lapping around his clean asshole. Then I stick my tongue into the opening. He starts moaning. “Damn. You’re a sexy brother, Immanuel. I can’t believe you walked in my door.”

I turn him over face up and pull him down to the end of the bed and kneel on the floor at the foot. I spread his legs with my hands and continued to eat that ass, getting it wet. Then I stand up and let him sit up and suck my dick my dick for awhile. He grabs my ass cheeks with his hands and pushes my hairy crotch and dick deeper into his face.

“Damn, that’s a big muthafucka,” he says after pulling my wet dick out of his mouth.

A few minutes later he is sitting on my face as I toss his salad some more. I pull my face out and look up between his legs, past his long black hard dick, and into his eyes.

“Is this all you want to do?,” I ask. “Or are we going to do more. Do you get fucked?”

“Yeah, I do but it’s been a while,” he says.

“Where’s your gear?,” I ask.

He reaches under the bed and gets a Magnum condom (my favorite brand again!) and a tube of lube. I put on the condom and he bends over doggy style on the bed. My dick is hard as a rock. Elijah had smoked some blunt before I arrived and inhaled a few whiffs of “rush” to help him relax before I try to break that ass down.

But my dick was still too big to go in easy.

“Stop, stop man. I ain’t been fucked in awhile,” Elijah says.

So I slide in the first few inches and just stay still, letting his ass muscles relax to accomodate me. Soon the muscles of his ass feel like caramel melting around my dick. So I start fucking a little harder. Then I bend over and nibble on the back of his neck and ears while he rocks back on my hard dick.

We fuck that way for awhile, moaning and talking nasty shit to each other. Then I turn him over and scissor his legs and start thrusting between his thighs, missionary style. At first Elijah cautions me to not pump so hard, to take it easy. So I start thrusting in shorter, more relaxed strokes.

The change in tempo works. I can feel the head of my dick rubbing the walls of his ass, massaging that prostate.

“Damn, that’s it,” Elijah says. “That’s my spot, that’s the spot! That’s the spot!”

He starts stroking his dick harder. Soon cum starts squirting out. I pull my dick out of his ass and watch the show as he continues to spurt.

After Elijah cums I lay back with him and we talk. He comes from a city just to the north. He is out to his family. They accept his gayness probably because he acts like a man. “If I was all feminine and out there it would be another story,” Elijah says, explaining that some of his family comes from the Caribbean and are more conservative.

Elijah tells me he got turned out by a married man when he was about 21 years old in college. But the married man was “crazy” so he moved on and starting dating one of his friends.

I had not cum yet. “Do you want to watch me bust?,” I ask Elijah.

“Sure,” he answers. So I put some lube on my dick and start jerking. Then I tell him to sit on my face again. Within a minute all my nutt had busted out.

The sex was good so Elijah starts talking shit. I can come back and make him my regular “shorty,” he said. He said he knows I have other regular hookups but to put him up at the top of the list. I’m hoping he doesn’t get too attached. During sex we kissed and he had warned me, “Kissing is for keeps.”

But I know it is probably just the sex and the marijuana still swirling through his system that is making him talk so sweet. After I shower Elijah is on the phone, setting up an outing with his boys. We caress and play around a little bit more but I can tell he is ready for me to go although he is polite and lingers to talk at the door. The spell is broken until we get horny again.


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