“Dreads” was….Dreadful

“Dreads” was….Dreadful

I will make this quick. A few days ago a young cat with dreadlocks hit up on me near my job and talked mucho shit (Read my blog entry “Lunch with ‘Dreads’.”)

He called me Sunday night and I said sure, roll by.

“Damn, you look good. You look better than you did in your suit. I didn’t know you were going to look so good with your clothes off,” he said, running his mouth as usual.

“Dreads” and I did a little foreplay. And then he…fell asleep! He snored softly, his dreadlocks splayed across the pillow like skinny black snakes.

“Well, I will be damned,” I thought. “Young boy can’t hang.”

He did look cute laying there like a big, black teddy bear. So I turned over and went to bed, too, planning to wake him early in the morning and send him on his way.

I woke around 2 o’clock in the morning because he was jacking my big dick while he jacked off. Soon, he busted a nutt. I took a damp wash cloth and wiped the pearly cum off his abdomen. Then Dreads got up and got dressed.

“Damn man, you’re hot and I want to come back and lay with you again,” he said. “That is if you want me back.”

I just smiled and didn’t say much. Dreads and I will be friends and lunch mates but I think that’s the last time we will hook up LOL!


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