Lunch with “Dreads”

Lunch with “Dreads”

I met him on Tuesday as I walked into a deli around the corner from my office. I ran to catch the glass door before it closed and almost ran into the back of him.

“Oh, shit man, you scared me,” he said.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were by the door,” I answered.

We chatted a bit, about the weather or the menu maybe, I don’t recall.

Then I ordered a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich on wheat toast and headed back to my office to eat. I was almost at the door to the office building when he ran up behind me. A large-boned, tall black guy with dark skin, a clean-shaven face and neat dreadlocks that hung almost to his shoulders.

“Hey man, let’s have a drink some time,” he said. Immediately my gaydar starting buzzing. He acted masculine enough and was big and athletic but there was a soft, almost effeminate timbre to certain words he said.

“Okay, sure,” I said nonchalantly, turning to enter the building.

“No, I need your phone number.”

I stopped and turned around.

“Oh. Okay. Here it is,” I answered and started reciting the digits. “Look, my lunch time is over. I need my job so I’ll see you later.”

He called me at 11:30 that night. I felt my cellphone vibrate in the bed beside me, saw a number I didn’t recognize, and turned over and went back to sleep. This morning he called again, explained that it was him who called so late, and then he asked whether I would be free at lunch.

“I have to tell you something,” “Dreads” said.

I knew what was coming. So the next day when we went out to lunch at another deli I broke it down for him.

“Look, dude, I could guess you get down with dudes so you don’t have to beat around the bush.”

So he broke it down for me. He was attracted to me when he saw me at the deli on Tuesday and was excited when he saw the bulge in my pants. So he took a chance and followed me back to my office and made his move.

“I know you are an older dude but you look good man,” he said.

Dreads is 24 and started messing with dudes when he was 19 and started jacking off and doing foreplay with a guy he “grew up with since they were in diapers.” But that broke off when the guy accused Dreads of trying to “turn him gay.”

Then he got into a two-year relationship with another guy. They were both thuggish so they were able to hide their sexuality. In fact, they would double-date girls, bring them to family events or other functions as covers, then drop the women off and go home together.

“We never fucked each other,” he said of his ex-lover. “I have a nine-inch dick and he had an 11-inch dick. I wasn’t going to take that and he said I was too big for him. So we just did other shit.”

All this time he had been talking and talking while I munched on a chicken pesto panini sandwich, which he suggested I try. It was a damn good sandwich so I didn’t mind him talking while I ate. But I had to finally break in.

“Hey, what do you want from me man?”

“I want a friend. I don’t have anybody to hang with and I don’t do clubs and shit.”

I looked at him. There must be an issue here because he is in his 20s and fairly attractive. Shit, I had loads of friends when I was his age. He talked so much he probably ran his friends away.

We were sitting in quiet corner of a deli, out of eye sight of most of the other patrons.

“Stand up and let me see your dick bulge again,” he commanded.


“Come on. Nobody is looking.”

So I did and then he got up and smoothed the slacks over his dick so I could see the imprint of his penis.

“Hey, come up to my office before you go back to work,” he said.

“Look, I have a meeting at 2 o’clock and have to do some reading to prepare,” I said.

“Come on man.”

Against my better judgment I went. To my surprise he worked in an open office with a bunch of people sitting at desks in plain view. He guided me to a conference room and closed the door.

“Man, I am not going to pull my dick for you in a middle of an office with all these people around,” I said.

So he leaned back against the door to block it and pulled out his dick to show me. It was thick and the head was bulbous, a lighter shade of brown than the shaft. He stroked it softly until it got half hard and smiled at me, his big teeth white against dark skin.
“Come on, pull out yours so I can see it,” he said.

So I did and put it quickly back in.

“Damn, that’s nice man. Look, call me when you get off from work.”

I am home now, writing this blog entry before I hit the gym. Dreads called me an hour ago and starting running his mouth again. I guess he thinks he is seducing me.

“I could have ripped off your clothes,” he said. “I usually deal with dudes in jeans and t-shirts that deal drugs but you looked good in your suit. I want to find out what’s underneath it.”

“You are a fine man for your age. You know I thought about you all day. If you worked in my office I would have to hold a folder in front of my crotch because I would be hard all the time. They would file sexual harassment charges against me.”

And on. And on.

“Well, maybe we will get up one day Dreads,” I answered with little enthusiasm in my voice. I was ready to get off the phone.

Now all I can think is I need to buy some real tight underwear because my dick bulge is continuing to attract some crazy people.


  1. LOL! wow you sure gad an eventful week dude…I'm a bulge lover too but NEVER EVER would I be as bold as Dreadz under my right frame of mind….I watch street basketball for that pleasure lol…

    ….but yo you shouldn't be tryna hide it like that unless it's really really out there..other than that you just a fiyah ass dude who attracts thirsty bottoms….lol lmao

  2. @MrSOMagical: A good buddy “Leo” suggested I wear Diesel brand underwear to keep the bulge in check. I wear boxer briefs, which I think is the problem.

    I don't have a problem with my dick imprint showing in certain situations but at work or in an office environment it's kind of tacky!

    Thanks for being such a faithful reader and have a great day man!

  3. @Corey: “Dreads” is too reckless sir! I have had my dick sucked in an office but the person who did that had a lock on the door and the office was private. Semi public sex like what Dreads wants does not turn me on! I plan to be friends with the guy but as far as hooking up I don't think so. I would never get rid of him!

  4. Anonymous


    LOL…I know I am totally missing the boat on this one, but I am tripping because YOU think he talks too much…, with the gift of gab….

    The thought of seeing you in 9-5 wear is making me want to do things with u again….

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