Snowed In In the Suburbs

Snowed In In the Suburbs

Our metropolitan area has been hit with yet another major blizzard, the second in less than a week.

This time around I had made up my mind to ride out the storm in solitude. I bought groceries, braved the crowds at Target to get a copy of Sade’s newest album, had movie DVDs ready to play, and called my family to make sure they had everything they needed before the snow isolated us.

But a friend of mine, “Colin,” and I started texting each other and I agreed to go spend spend some time with him instead. It’s hard to admit this but I really didn’t want to be alone and I guess he didn’t either. I threw a bag of clothes, groceries, cranberry juice and a bottle of Svedka vodka in the trunk and set off.

The snow had just started and the highways were passable although traffic moved at barely 40 miles an hour. I didn’t get caught in the snow until I got to the parking lot at his place. I didn’t worry about it. I could dig out when the storm abated.

“Wow, you made it faster than I thought,” Colin said.

Colin and I have had an interesting, push-me, pull-me relationship for the past two years. He pursued me online for weeks but I turned him down because he is eight years younger than me and the photo on his online profile just screamed “thug” down to the sweat clothes and head rag. But eventually we hooked up and I found out he was far deeper than I thought.

He is professional, has served in the military, is fiercely intelligent, and we have long talks about everything from politics to fashion to the history of hip hop. We are both opinionated but able to say, “Look, I respect your point of view so let’s agree to disagree.” I can honestly say when I shut my big mouth and listen I learn a lot from him.

Plus when we had sex it is like a nuclear chain reaction. Things just click. A hot ying and yang.

Over time we drifted apart. Then one day he was out drinking with friends, got tipsy and called me.

“I miss you,” he said with a slurry voice . “I haven’t opened up to anyone like I have to you in a long time.”

But after that confession our friendship became cut and dry again. Since I have separated from my wife we have talked and texted but not hung out. “You have a lot going on,” he said, explaining that I need to work through my separation, learn to navigate the gay world, and tone down my sexual escapades.

 But the snowstorm that started Tuesday provided a chance to reconnect and rebuild the friendship. I wanted the chance.

I played it cool but there was still a frisson of sex in the air. He told me to take my clothes up to his room and not the spare room. So I knew we would at least snore together in the same bed.

Colin showered, came out of the bathroom, and sat on a bench to dry. You cannot imagine how beautiful his brown body is. Soft and smooth but toned. His torso is triangular and tapers down to a small waist. I couldn’t resist. I was going to try. If he rejected me I could console myself with just hanging with a good friend.

I knelt down and kissed one nipple and then another. To my relief he responded back, kissing me and embracing me.

“Let me shower too,” I said.

I did and then we sexed with passion. It had been more than year but the chemistry worked again. My penis just feels right in him and he agreed. We started doggy-style, then shifted to missionary before I got  him in my favorite position with him. Standing by the bed pounding him as he lay on his back on the bed. I pumped harder and harder. His ass got wetter and wetter.

“Bust that nutt for me, boy,” I said.

“No, enough, stop,” he finally said.

So I lay beside him. Both of us on our backs. Jacking off. When I came he leaned over and took my penis in his mouth and drank some of my cum as it spurted. I came for what felt like hours — my body kept convulsing and the muscles at the base of my penis kept contracting and contracting. But there was no more cum to push up.

I got dizzy and lay on the floor until I could compose myself.

“I like to watch you cum,” Colin said. “It’s hot.”

Then I looked up and saw he had come too. Cum was splattered all over his chest and stomach like spilt milk.

“I hate to cum. I hate losing control like that.”

Colin just smiled. He rarely smiles but when he does it’s worth the wait.

Today we are just chilling. I made french toast for breakfast and am sitting back reading magazines and writing this blog while he does laundry and putters around the house. Later when when the snow subsides I will go out and help him dig out. I brought my own shovel.

We may have sex again and we may not. I don’t care. I stay busy but I still get lonesome now without the sound of teenagers running around. It’s nice to have a friend to talk to while a storm rages outside.


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