A Very Short Sex Party

A Very Short Sex Party

“Ashton” is a brother in his 30s that lives just 15 minutes from me. He is a born-again freak who got turned on to men when he was threesoming with a male buddy and a girl and the guy’s semen splattered on him.
I haven’t known Ashton long but he is an energetic dude who always seems to be rushing. His rushing around actually landed him deeper in the down-low world.
One day Ashton was driving home in the rain like a maniac from a sex hookup, rushing to beat his girl home or at least arrive not too late to arouse her suspicion. His driving was erratic, prompting a state trooper to pull him over.
“I’m rushing home to my girl,” Ashton explained.
Then the trooper aimed his flashlight in the car and noticed some gay porno DVDs on the car seat. There was a pregnant pause.
“You need to put those in a safe place so your girl doesn’t see them,” the trooper finally said.
Ashton was surprised by the trooper’s sympathy and lack of surprise at finding copies of”Coco Dorm” and “Thug Luvin'” in his car. In fact the trooper gave him his cell number and asked him to contact him.
That’s how Ashton started freaking with a group down-low policeman, who met regularly to freak. In fact, Ashton prefers masculine brothers who are married or got girlfriends.
Last night Ashton invited me to a married men’s party at his house. I had some time so I went. Ashton’s girl was out of town visiting folks down South and her train was not expected back until late last night.
“Sure man,” I said, thinking about Ashton’s bubble ass and his ability to suck dick like a piledriver. “Is it okay if I bring some friends.”
“What are they?,” he asked.
“Versatile dudes,” I said. (versatiles are guys who can fuck or get fucked).
“Good, we have too many tops coming,” he said.
But the plans went haywire. Ashton had to work an hour later than planned so a lot of the 12 dudes he invited didn’t come. They had to be homes with the wives. So it ended up being me, a friend “Bruce,” Ashton, and another bottom, a middle-aged, handsome dark-skinned man with a tight ass.
Bruce is married and his wife was out of town too and he was ready to freak. He fucked Ashton on the bed, banging him so hard the bed rocked. It was hot to see Ashton’s long legs splayed, opening wide so Bruce could dig his dark chocolate dick deeper into that tight brown ass.
Meanwhile, I fucked the other bottom missionary style on the bed. The bottom busted in a minute. I had barely got started.
“Damn that was fast,” I said.
“Sorry, I have to go. I have to catch a plane to Trinidad for vacation with friends. My flight is leaving in less than a hour,” the bottom said as he put his clothes back on.
What the fuck?, I thought.
Meanwhile Ashton was still getting fucked. Bruce doesn’t have a large dick but he was grinding it deep in Ashton’s ass in a circular motion.
“Damn, your boy knows how to use that dick,” Ashton said.
I was a little jealous but it was nice seeing Bruce have so much fun. And believe me, I get enough ass. It was actually nice to be the voyeur and not the exhibitionist for once.
Then Ashton’s phone rang and the action stopped. He walked into the living room to answer then quickly came back in the bedroom. He had a surprised look on his face.
“Shit, that was my girl. She took an earlier train home. I got to go pick her up.”
I hadn’t busted one nutt. So Ashton knelt on his knees and sucked me and Bruce as fast as he could, sometimes with both our dicks in his mouth at the same time. I shot my thick cream all over his face while he told us that’s just what he liked — a cum shower. I don’t even think Bruce came again– he probably already ejaculated in a condom while he was fucking Ashton.
We washed up, threw on our clothes, helped Ashton pick up condoms and rushed out. Ashton, as usual, had to hustle to get his girlfriend before she began wondering why it was taking him so long to make a 20-minute drive to get her. Maybe another hot trooper would pull him over.
Fortunately for us though, Ashton’s girl didn’t have a car or take a taxi home. Or she would have walked in on her masculine man taking dick in his ass or mouth. That would have been ugly.
And sure the party was short — just about 30 minutes — but in the world of downlow black men you got to take what you can get. Because like Ashton, we are always racing against the clock.

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