Hollywood Swinging

Hollywood Swinging

I am on my way to Los Angeles for business. I’m going to be pretty busy but I hope I will get the opportunity to sample gay and down-low life on the West Coast during my time off.

I will be staying right in Beverly Hills.

More than 2,100 Californians have read my blog, including 250 from Los Angeles.

Could any of you tell me good places to hang out? The best gay clubs etc?

Just leave a comment below.


  1. Please share your experiences… I've only been to LA once, and didn't get the chance to experience anything but definitely love the culture and want to go back.

    I have a friend that's actually been there for 4 weeks on a job assignment and he loves it. Check out Venice Beach, Manhattan Beach and, Check out the Abbey.

    Have fun and keep us informed.

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