Drew’s Drama

Drew’s Drama

I swear whenever “Drew” calls me he has some crisis.

Drew is a cat I met at an adult video store more than a year ago. A dark skinned, middle aged, handsome brother with a little pot belly, silky straight hair like an Indian, and dark, sultry eyes with long curly lashes. And oh, before I forget, Drew has a big, fat black dick about nine inches long.

It is that dick that gets Drew in trouble. Thank goodness he lives in a secure apartment building with a gated parking garage and an entrance you have to buzz to enter. Otherwise Drew might be a dead man.

A few months ago my phone chirped in the dead of the night. It was Drew with his drama.

“I hooked up with this dude on Adam4Adam and I went downstairs to let him in and he is walking around in the parking lot, ranting and raving and acting high, so I came back upstairs and didn’t let him in,” Drew said, his voice getting high with nervousness. ” Immanuel, he won’t leave! And he keeps blowing up my phone. What if the neighbors see him! What if he doesn’t leave?”

I was groggy but woke up fully.

“Drew, calm down dude. Just turn your phone off. He will go away and if not somebody will call the cops.”

“Man, some of these dudes on Adam4Adam are crazy!”

“Yeah, Drew you know this white principal got robbed and killed hooking up with some young black dudes lately.”

“I got to be more careful Immanuel.”

“You’re fine Drew. He can’t get in. Go to sleep and get some rest.”

This week Drew calls me again. Yeah. You guessed it. More drama.

It seems Drew has been fucking a married guy who likes to use his cellphone to take short, point-of-view video clips of Drew slamming that dick in his ass. Well, hubbie emailed the clips and photos to Drew and wifey apparently got a hold of her husband’s email, found the salacious shots, and all hell broke loose.

She sent Drew a nasty email saying stay the fuck away from her man and you nasty ass faggot and on and on.

“Immanuel, shit man, what am I going to do?,” Drew whined.

“Well she doesn’t have your address and even if she did she can’t just walk into the building. Take it from a man whose wife found out about him, Drew. That shit is between  her husband and her. That is their marriage. It will work out one way or the other.”

“Well, maybe he wrote that nasty email himself because he was tired of me and wanted a reason to drop me,” said Drew, sounding a little sad.

“That’s quite a drastic way to drop a dude you don’t want to roll with. He could have just stopoed answering your phone calls and texts. That’s what most dudes do.”

“Oh well, you may be right.”

“Look Drew, I’m out having drinks with a buddy of mine. Let’s talk later.”

I hung up and went about my business. I wonder what wild hookup Drew will call and tell me about next time.

QUESTIONS: Readers, what is the craziest hookup you have ever had? Mine was “The Ecstasy and Agony,” the man high on crystal meth. Also, what is your advice to stay safe when you are hooking up with guys you meet online?


  1. Wow. That's some crazy shit. Damn! LOL

    Luckily I haven't had those issues with guys I've met online.

    I personally don't rush to meet many guys online because many of them lie about their looks, have outdated photos, etc.

    So, for me personally, I ask people who i know spend LOTS of time online if they know of these people personally or have heard anything about them, if they don't know them. This has saved me LOTS of drama!

    On one hand, you don't want to be talking about people but at the same time, you have to to see who is sane and who is crazy. LOL

  2. The craziest hook up I had was a guy who pretended to be unattached at a club. He invited me to go home with him. As I drove behind him my intuition kicked in and kept warning me but I ignored the signs. We get back to his place and started getting busy in the bedroom. He hears his lover coming through the door. At this point we are both totally nude and he tells me to hide in the closet while he stalled him. The guy could smell my cologne and he knew his no good partner. After about thirty minutes of hiding in the closet, I had to come out nude with this guy standing over me. I had no idea if he was going to attack me and I felt very vulnerable without clothes.

    I got lucky because I was able to get out of there without a physical altercation.

    My advice for online hook-ups is to always meet in a public place and determine from there your next steps. If you are homeowner and do not move a lot, you need to be very careful because now someone has your address and can vandalize your property (car included) or create a scene.

  3. It's so dangerous in today's world to do online hookups and stuff like that. So many people are crazy; you risk shortening your life-span. In the past, I met up with 2 different guys from online, but it's not like we just exchanged contact info and met up. We knew each other for about a year or so online and had even chatted back and forth on the phone a great deal. So we had a chance to get to know each other before we were comfortable with meeting. And even then, I only had sex with one of them.

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