The Bond

The Bond

“Oliver” texts yesterday evening and asks me what is up.

“I’m feeling freaky,” his message says. Later we talk by phone and he explains he has a buddy coming over and that buddy is bringing a friend so maybe a hot foursome will crop up.

His request doesn’t phase me. We have already agreed to play sexually together.

“I got condoms but do you have any lube man?” I ask.

“No, could you pick up some?”

“Man, why don’t you pick it up?”

“I’m lazy. And you will pass four CVS drugstores on the way here.”

I laugh. At least he is honest.

“I’ll see you in an hour,” I say.

I sit at his dining table and try to read a book and act all casual while he washes dishes. He had gone to a New Years Eve party at a buddy’s and the affair was dead. The host wouldn’t even let them smoke some blunts. So Oliver brought some of the party guests over to his house, they smoked some weed, got high and hungry, made brownies and he bunked them down on the floor and sofa.

The small talk was nice but there was tension in the air. I can’t stand it anymore. I get up, push Oliver back  against the kitchen counter, pull off his glasses and embrace him. Hard.

“I was just about to walk over to you and kiss you,” he said. And he kisses me, nibbling at my upper lip while I nibble his bottom one. And we hold each other for like five minutes, tighter and tighter.

Later on the foursome was a bust. The dudes walked in and I knew one. Another married brother who plays around. “Braden” used to follow me around because he said he liked watching me fuck bottoms with my big dick. Plus he is not attractive so relied on me to set shit up. I really think he  wanted me to fuck him because he acted like a puppy dog around me.

The dude Braden bought with him seemed put off that I knew his boy already. He said I turned him off and he didn’t want to play. So he sat on a sofa watching a gay porno while Oliver, Branden and I shared a little passion.

But I wasn’t feeling it — I really just wanted Oliver. So we sent them home. Branden took us aside to say he was going to drop off his boy quick and come back and get with me and Oliver “because we were hot.”

However, when he called a half hour later Oliver told him we weren’t feeling it. And he also didn’t give my phone number to Branden, who claimed he wanted to catch up with me. Because I really didn’t want to be bothered that evening and I don’t want to help Branden get more ass. I am coming out of the closet and Branden is still in the deep down-low world and not ready to come out.  I’m proud of Oliver for blocking Branden — that was hot.

Later I try to talk about Branden while laying in bed with Oliver.

“Look, don’t talk about another nigger in my bed,” he says. “Everybody is in a different situation.”

Oliver is right. Sometimes I am judgmental. So we agree not to talk about our other hookups when we are having private time with each other.

“You know Oliver, we are having bad luck with threesomes,” I joke.

“Yeah, we’re 0 for 2,” he says, laughing.

So Oliver and I played together last night and not in a group. We smoked some weed and clove cigarettes and I danced provocatively in my boxer briefs to Maxwell, The Brand New Heavies, Grace Jones, and a bunch of other songs we pulled up on Youtube. Oliver sat back on the sofa watching me. I know the show was good because his dick was hard as a rock.

But more importantly, we formed a stronger bond. We agreed to develop our relationship. And he admitted my buddy “Linton” was correct in some ways. My blog  has made him suspicious of my assurances I can settle down. Plus Oliver says he has to decide whether he is ready for a one-on-one relationship again.

So blog readers we’re going to give this a try. I’m digging this brother and he has convinced me he is digging me. The New Year has started along with a friendship that might turn into something special.

I’m happy.


  1. Anonymous

    i love your blog… i hope you find the right one…too much sexual disease is out here…i was married once, i am in a frat and my wife was in a sorority.. we had a huge house, gated fence and a dog… we had it all.. we both made over six figures.. however, one thing was missing – I am GAY.. I had to leave this all.. to be with a dude.. i am happy……. I am gay, proud, successful man!

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