Idris the Liar Part 2

Idris the Liar Part 2

Do you remember “Idris,” the guy who wanted a one-on-one relationship with me last summer.

The one who I had all the steamy, phone sex with. Idris tried to get into my favor by saying he is in the same situation. He was just another down-low brother with a girlfriend who was looking for just one good dick to swing with.

But the shit didn’t add up and I confronted him. “You really are living with a dude?” I demanded to know.

He refused to answer the question so I broke off contact. Well, we reconnected about a month or so ago when he texted me. He wanted to keep the same shit going…phone boning and maybe a hook-up in the flesh from time to time. But I wanted to get the real deal.

“You are really living with another dude,” I asked again. “Why would you lie?”

There was a long pause and then he spoke. “Well, I wanted to get with you and I knew you are married and play with a lot of other married dudes so I wanted to get in. So I just played along.”

“But dude, why lie about some shit like that?” So we picked up again for about a week from where we left off. Calling and texting. And me sending him the occasional cell photo of my rock hard dick.

“Man, I want that,” he would answer. “When can I have some.” He weaved another tale to me. He had met a guy down south and rented out his home and moved to our northern metropolitan area to be with him.

His lover is about seven years younger with a huge dick. But he developed erection problems and then two decided to play with others. Except his boy got more into playing the field than Idris did, leaving Idris to sit at home and pine away. So Idris started playing too.

Since the dude lied to me before of course I didn’t believe a word coming out of Idris mouth. There is a saying that someone who lies about little things will lie about big things.

We went went back and forth awhile. One Sunday morning when I was alone I called Idris. “My boy just fucked me from behind while we were laying in bed and opened my ass up,” he said. “He opened me up for you. Why don’t you come by tomorrow and fuck this hole?”

Wait a minute, I think. You are supposed to on the outs with your boy and about to move out. You’re supposed to be sleeping in separate rooms. And I thought you boy’s 11 inch dick didn’t stay hard?

Idris was lying again.

I got real quiet on the phone. “Isn’t this turning you on?,” Idris asked. “No, it’s not. Look, I got things to do. I’ll see you later.”

And I hung up. I haven’t called Idris since.

About two weeks later I talked to gay buddy of mine named “Jerome.” Jerome is crazy as shit but he knows all the gossip. I give him Idris real name and location. And Jerome gives me the real shit on Idris.

Idris is unemployed and his lover is tired of him. He wants him gone. Idris is the one fucking everything on two legs, not his roommate. Oh, and they both are HIV positive. In fact some of the “boys” think Idris has developed full-blown AIDS, which is affecting his mind.

I just think the dude is just crazy for real. Don’t give HIV a worse name by saying it makes Idris lie.


  1. double WOW…

    this part reason I think every dude who come on to me is either HIV + or straight up muy loco…[bit drastic rite? but hey its life and you just dont kno]…

    just have to be careful on what you do, who u do it with and how you do it!

  2. Yeah, i'm finding a there are so many liars in the gay world…because i am coming from the straight side they think they can say anything…and I'm supposed to believe it…for brothers who are dipping on the dl side always, always wear a condom…assume everyone lies about their status

  3. Anonymous


    I have read a few of your posts on this blog. I am a heterosexual female and am seeing someone that I am starting to suspect is on the DL based on some of his behavior.

    I know you aren't an expert on every DL man, but I would like to ask you some questions offline. I am attaching my email address, but ask that you delete it (but don't worry, it's not my main email that I give out). But I still want to maintain privacy. My email is Please email me when you get a chance. Thank you.

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